Top 10 Most Famous Survivalists

Over the past years, the existence of survivors was recognized and on top of that, the latest decade has allowed survivors to appear on several tv shows as they interest the audience with their skills, knowledge, toughness, them being able to adapt to different environments.

Many at times, some of the survivors became tv stars earning themselves household names.

This article is a list of the best survivors you’ve heard of and some you’ve never heard of since they are in good numbers.

1. Ken Rhee.

Having spent two good years of full training in the US navy seal team, he went ahead and joined the demolition underwater team of the south Korea seal team with him being the lieutant.

He later started appearing in most tv programs based on survivalists. He managed to get his fortune and fame after appearing as the trainer on a YouTube series called fake men.

He was involved in many programs and surprised his audience by saying that he might be back for other survival challenges.

2. E.J. Snyder.

Skull crusher was the nickname he was given after he managed to understand and master all aspects and corners to survival.

These survival skills include hand to hand battle, so good that he might just crack a skull if he feels like it.

Snyder also graduated from army ranger school in the us as he went on a roll of combat during the operation freeing Iraq. He continued serving as the instructor in self-reliance

3. Kellie Nightlinger.

Basing the research on her online biography, she stated that she is able to live in the desert with just a few tools in her bag pack as she enjoys staying in remote areas like the interiors of Canada.

She has managed to create her own organization known as the wide adventure that aims in helping people know more about wild boar hunting, winter camping, cross country skiing and many other activities involved in bush living and off land living.

Her motto being life is short, she found herself being involved in different tv programmes where she earned her fame. It is clear that she is capable of surviving in the various desert situation.

4. Mykel Hawke.

After spending a full 26-year training for the special force us army, he managed to be ranked as the captain and was chosen to serve in the war against narcotics in Colombia and wars in Africa, this came as one of his greatest achievements.

He is also skilled in martial arts earning a black belt in judo and aikido. He is now a retired military expert who has involved himself with different programs like the discovery channel playing one-man army.

Over the last years, he has managed to author most books on survival with his added advantage of being able to speak approximately seven languages.

5. Ray Mears.

Talking of desert skills, this man is an expert in this kind of situation as he believes it is an art of knowing and understanding the world’s nature.

He owns a successful company called woodlore that mostly sell outdoor gear.

Now an icon in wilderness activities, he continues to claim that he ain’t a celebrity even though he has made appearances on several BBC shows like mears extreme survival, and his bush craft.

6. Laura Zerra.

She is an outdoor woman and became enthusiastic in surviving at a very young age. At school, when she wasn’t studying, she was busy making arrows and bows as she studied wild plants.

She even changed from being a vegetarian and started eating plenty of meat since she wanted to hunt. Using these skills, she began some tv shows which required a 40-day survival on the savannahs of Colombia.

On her social media page, she has listed a list of the things she likes to do in her free time which includes, hunting in general, packing horses, cutting meat and travelling, surviving, and everything about the jungle.

7. Tom McElroy.

At the age of twenty, he spent a whole year surviving on the land, in the process, he built his shelter, fished, cleansing the water so that it can be safe for drinking, hunting and gathering.

He has managed to train and leave with various tribes who have taught him how to survive in most areas.

He is the best at surviving that he was chosen to be an instructor at the tracker in as he managed to involve himself in many tv programs.

8. Hazen Audel.

Being the prime survivor in the national geography, he was able to learn different survival skills from different communities like the people from Panama, Indonesia, Kenya and the islands of Solomon for approximately twenty years.

Despite being born in America, he is able to speak different languages having learned about the lives of many native people at just the age of 18.

9. Matt Graham.

He started his taste and exposure at the age of 15 where he attended the training of being the best rock climber and triathlete.

A funny story is that one-day graham decided to take a walk and he found himself living in the wilderness for over five months, just surviving.

He became involved in tv shows such as dual survival and live free. he is now a teacher teaching survival skills and martial arts in an outdoor survival school.

10. Dave Canterbury.

Having spent 6 years in the army of us back in the 80s, he worked as a security and military police. He attained a star in handling rifles, hand grenades and pistols.

Since then, he has mainly majored in woodcraft and bushcraft working in the field of surviving. He has also authored a well-known book called a guide to the art of wilderness surviving.

Who Are The Most Famous Survivalist on TV?

• Surviving is an art that requires training and patience for you to pull through.
• Not many people can survive in different environments but the ten mentioned above are the best survivors but there are a good number of others who are not on my list.
• First on the list is ken Rhee, he is a qualified survivor who spent two years training with the us army.
• The next survivor is Snyder also known as the skull crusher. He earned the title after mastering all the aspects of surviving with his greatest strength being hand to hand battle.
• Kellie is among the best survivors in history with her ability to leave in remote areas skilled in bush leaving and off land leaving.
• Ray is an expert who understands the relationship of nature and thus allowing him to survive in most areas. Being an icon in wilderness activities, he owns an organization that deals with selling outdoor gear.
• Laura began her interest in the outside world at a young age as she was often seen making bows and arrows. She even started eating meat since she wanted hunting that bad. She has many hobbies with some of them being hunting and cutting meat.
• Tom started his adventure at the age of twenty where he managed to build his shelter, purify their drinking water and even when hunting.
• Hazen earned his skills by leaving with different communities that taught him to survive in different environmental conditions.
• Matt graham started exploring at the age of 15 and at one time, he went for a walk and found himself leaving in the jungle for over five months.