9 Survival Build Ideas

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You can use many ideas to come up with excellent appearing construction, and these survival build ideas give information on where and how you can construct a base.

The following are some survival build ideas to try.

The following are some survival build ideas to try:

The mountain house

It can be challenging to build or fit a house on top of hills or between hills.

So, the builders should use a particular design to construct the house to survive for a long. SheepGG invented this mountain house design to help build a house on top or among the hills.

The secret storage basement

The secret storage basement is built as your secret hideout to hide your treasured belongings. It requires many skills to build and is also made of a particular material.

It is a bit complicated project of a survival basement designed by Zaypixel, but it is not impossible to achieve. You can start by quickly laying this building foundation and coming up with your desired decorations to put on it.

Fast winter cabin

This type of survival build idea appears to be so natural and, at the same time, so simple. It was made by a YouTube user FenX and is affordable and quick to come up with.

The advantage of using this build is that it is easy to follow and versatile.

It is versatile in that you can come up with the build without necessarily using those blocks that are rare to have.
The overall appearance resembles the surroundings of the spruce forest.

Quick and easy desert home

The only thing you need to develop this kind of survival build is some woods from the forest. The rest is to make use of sand in the desert.

YouTube user Meg Rae shows you exactly how to design the build. It is very simple and fast to complete, even in hardcore survival, and her tutorials are easy to follow.

The simple survival house

It is simple to build this survival build because you can use any wood and stone to construct it. It is a lovely wooden house initially designed by the YouTube user Zaypixel.

It is very easy when following a step-by-step procedure from YouTube. If you decide to build this kind of house in the desert, it might be best to try a different build or move to the forest.

Storage Building

Many starting home designs are always constructed when they are tiny and lack enough space. As you progress with your journey of survival, you realize that you have many accumulated resources, and you need a larger house to accommodate all their resources.

This is where you decide to construct a separate storage building. To make a storage building, you can use the design made by Folli, which mainly uses wood, making it easy and cheap to set up. This kind of storage building will solve most of your storage problems.

The barn

A barn is a house or a building often found on a farm used to keep animals like cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, or goats. It would be best if you constructed a simple, good-looking barn for your domestic animals.

A simple wooden and nicely fenced barn would do. A design made by Folli that mainly uses wood is the most accessible guide to follow to construct a simple, good-looking barn.

It has an outside area for animals and also an indoor. You can construct your intended size depending on the number of livestock you have.

The forest bridge

This is another creation made by Zaypixel, a small bridge that requires wood, stone, and a small amount of iron.

The floor of this construction has a good appearance because it is made from unlit campfires. The bridge fits in between two riverbanks perfectly, and it is very easy to make the builds.

Underwater starter base

An underwater starter base is more ambitious and beginner-friendly. An underwater living does not need a ton of glass to be complete.
This is a project created by Folli and mainly uses oak and spruce wood to build.

Nine Survival build ideas

• The barn- The project design is made by Folli, mainly constructed using wood.
• The forest bridge is a project designed by Zaypixel and requires wood, stone, and a small quantity of iron.
• The mountain house- Design was invented by SheepGG to provide a design that can help you construct a house on top or among the hills.
• The secret storage basement- It was a design by Zaypixel made in the basement to store your treasured private goods.
• Fast winter cabin was made by a YouTube user FenX and is versatile.
• Underwater starter base- Usually made of wood and is beginner-friendly
• The simple survival house can be constructed from any wood and stone; hence, it is easier to build a house.
• Storage building-It is a design by Folli to make a large storage building that can accommodate all your items.
• Quick and easy desert home- YouTube user Meg is the one who came up with this design. It shows you an easy way to construct a simple home using wood from the forest and sand from the desert.