How To Survive On A Deserted Island

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There are numerous circumstances that could land you on a deserted island. You have been on a plane or a boat crash and that led you to being trapped on a deserted island.

That does not mean that it is the end of the road for you. You need to look for alternative ways to survive this.

It is important to have some survival tips on your fingertips if you want to ever find your way home again.

No matter how much money you may have, it will be of no use because, basically there is nothing you can purchase in such a place.

There is barely enough edible food around and danger will be looming in every corner. In this article, you will find insightful information on what to do when you come face-to-face with nature, in a deserted island. Read on and find out how best you can manoeuvre your way through a deserted island.

Survival Tips on a Deserted Island

Here are some great survival tips to employ when you get stuck in a deserted island.

1. How to Find Water

This should be your first priority because for you to function properly, you need to stay hydrated.

Unless it is during a rainy season, finding a water source should be your number one goal. At times, it may be hard to find a water source and it may be even harder if you cannot come across any coconuts.

Therefore, in this case, you will need to get creative. You will take two glass bottles and tie them neck to neck and place them on hot embers.

Periodically, the second will be cooled with sea water to produce a primitive still.

In about an hour, you will have 50 ml of water. Thus, cooling one bottle and storing the water will be a life hack that you will need to take with outmost seriousness.

2. Think of how to Start a Fire

Fire is an important weapon when you are out on a deserted island. It plays vital roles that will help you stay alive.

First, when you light a fire, it will help scare away dangerous animals that are in the island. Fi-re will also keep you warm during the cold night.

With fire, you can smoke, roast, boil and cook the food you got such as fish or any wild roots.

The easiest way to light up a fire is by using a magnifying lens or the bottom of a glass bottle.

You can also use a clear plastic bag that is full of water to start a fire. If you do not have all these to your disposal, then you will have to apply the tricks you learnt during your camping days.

Friction: it is the most reliable way to light a fire in a tropical desert. In a tropical island, you will come across Sea Hibiscus.

They usually have bright red or yellow flowers. It has soft wood that is easy to light which will give you an easy time.

3. Don’t have a Knife?

In the island, you will realise that a knife or a machete is an important tool if you need to chop, cut, hunt, build a fire, prepare food or build a shelter.

Therefore, if you do not have this important tool, you need to look for ways you will improvise.

There is a possibility that you will find clam shells scattered around in the desert.

Therefore, since this is the easiest way to make a knife or something that will work similarly, you will have to break them and create razor-sharp edged knives.

You will then stick them to a strong stick which will create something close to an axe.

However, this should not limit you.

If you can’t find clam shells, anything with a sharp edge such as bamboo can wok just the same way.

Additionally, be on the lookout for a sharp bone or rock which can be knapped and it will even be better if you found a glass bottle.

4. Find a Way to Keep off Insects and Mosquitoes

The deserted island if full of all types of insects and since there are bushes and a nearby water body, there will be so many mosquitoes looming around.

It is also obvious that you have any mosquito repellent with you so it is best to come up with a way to keep them off.

Ideally, the most effective way to keep off insects and mosquitoes is by finding a termite mound and set it on fire.

By now you already know the basics of how light a fire. The best place to find termite mounds will be in the trees.

Once you set them on fire, hey will smoulder for a couple of hours and when they do, they usually release a sweet incense smell that works the same way as mosquito coil.

If at all you can’t find termite mounds, then the next alternative will be to cover your body with mud.

You may be sceptical about it at first but it will also act as a sunscreen when the sun is scorching.

The above tips will be vital for your survival in the deserted island. You do not need to have everything because you can always improvise with what you have.