5 Survival Tips and Tricks

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Technology has made life quite simple and exciting you will get everyone having gadgets that help them out. Have you ever asked yourself what you will do if you are stranded in a wilderness or desert with no one to help you and no gadget to use?

Don’t worry; in this article, you will read about the tips and tricks for survival.

1. Have your priorities well set

To thrive when you get yourself in a challenging scenario, you will have to set your priorities in order.

Remember, when you are stranded, you have a lot ahead of you, so if you fail to set your preferences well, you may end up not surviving.

It has become a habit to many whenever they get stuck; their number one priority is food. This doesn’t seem right; you can stay up to three days without food.

It’s advisable to consider staying warm as the temperatures outside are cold. Make sure you keep your body dry, avoid having wet clothes on your body.

If your skin gets into contact with wetness, you will experience heat loss three times more than dry skin.

When you are in a warm place, dry weather, you should prioritize water before engaging yourself in anything else.

2. Fire making

Learning the possible fire-making procedures is one thing that many people tend to take for granted until one gets into a fire situation. Technology is a factor that has contributed to the rising ignorance.

You can use a matchbox or press your lighter’s button, and you get fire. In the wilderness, these things may not work, or you might not have them in possession at the moment you are stuck.

And it is at that time you have to think of an alternative and start a fire. Starting a fire in the wilderness is quite simple as many fire lighting materials are available in abundance.

You only need a spark, fuel, and oxygen to have your fire. With fuel, you have many options to choose from dry tree leaves, twigs, and branches.

Oxygen is almost everywhere. The only thing that is missing out is the spark or heat. I will take you through two spark-producing methods.

a. Steel and flint

This method is quite an old-school one, but it is straightforward and reliable as all you have to do is strike the flint against the steel for sparks to be produced.

You might be wondering where to get flint and steel; they are readily available for buying, and they are portable. They are not expensive; they can’t interfere with your budget.

b. Using the improvised magnifying glass lens

If you forgot to carry your flint and steel, you could opt for this method. Here you will use the strength of the sun rays to make your fire.

You will require a crystal transparent polythene bag, water, and fuel (dry leaves). Pour water into the polythene bag, fill it until it attains the spherical shape.

Then take the polythene bag containing water and hold it against the sun; there will be evidence of converging sun rays on the ground.

All you require is to ensure the rays focus on one place of the dry fuel; within a few minutes, you will have a fire.

3. Make smoke signals

It is easier to lose direction in the forest; even though your fellows and other rescue parties may be looking for it, it will be hard for them to find you.

It is hard to see a person in the forest due to the dense canopy. Make it easy for them to see by making smoke signals from the fire you made above.

All you have to do is burn anything capable of producing thick smoke. Before telephone and email communication, smoke was once a mode of communication.

Therefore, when you apply this method, you develop attention.

4. Determine edible plants

You can survive without food, but not for a long time as you start being weak. This will be hard for you to carry your survival tactics as you lack energy.

In the wilderness, you have various options you can obtain food from. There are wild animals, insects, and fish; you will not get either of them if you don’t have skills and patience.

The best and easiest way is to look for edible plants and avoid all the drama involved in hunting. Some wild plants and fruits are poisonous, so be keen not to land on one.

How can you tell if a plant is poisonous?

a. They contain a milky sap.
b. They taste bitter.
c. They have a lot of thorns.

5. Maintain cool body temperature

If you get stranded in a desert, ensure you keep your body cool. It might be hard to get shelter; alternatively, you can create your cooling hat using urine and a rag.

Then tie the rag on your head. This may sound awkward but remember you are after survival.

5 Survival Tips and Tricks

Here are five survival tips and tricks
• Have your priorities well set
• Fire making
• Make smoke signals
• Determine edible plants
• Maintain cool body temperature