5 Best Survival Machete (Hardcore Survivalists Only!!)

Looking for the best survival machete? Because let's be honest if you're out in the wild without a survival machete then you must be crazy. Why?

Because, most Survivalists, Preppers, and Outdoorsman prize the survival machete as the "ultimate survival tool". Think about it...

You can clear a campsite, chop firewood, construct a shelter, hunt a desperation meal, skin and chop meat, and defend yourself against wild animals and so much more.

Are you really going to venture out into the wild without one?

The most difficult thing is knowing which one to choose. After all, they all pretty much look the same right? A sharp blade with a handle.

But there are huge differences in models and brands, so which do you choose?

Here's what I found were the top machete choices below...

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The Gerber Gator brand is a highly reliable and recommended brand to turn to when looking for any kind of survival and outdoor tools such as pocket knives (some are expensive), axes, and many more.

The Gerber Gator Machete is an excellent overall choice, as it has great high quality and is incredibly versatile in its use.

It has a great lightweight design, which allows you to use the machete for anything you need, without it hindering or weighing you down.

Made from high carbon steel, it is highly durable and resistant to successfully undertake your survival tasks.

The Gerber Gator machete also comes with a nylon sheath included, to keep the machete safe and guarded when not in use.

The blade is 18 inches long, with a full performance saw on one side, and a 15-inch fine blade on the other side.

The handle features a Gerber Gator Grip designed to provide a secure and firm grip, as well as offering comfort and control.

The rubberized texture remains efficient in both dry and wet weather conditions, ensuring that the machete is always stable in your hand so that you can use it with confidence.

The overall length of the machete is 25.7 inches, which makes it quite a big machete whilst remaining lightweight and easy to wield. 


  • Highly reliable and recommended brand so you can be assured you're buying a quality piece of gear.

  • Versatile and high quality so it has lots of uses and will last a long time.

  • Extremely lightweight design so it won't weigh you down.

  • 18-inch high carbon steel blade which gives you a lot of reach, power, and sharpness. 

  • Saw on one side and the blade on the other meaning you can cut your way through the bush and saw branches where need be.

  • Gerber Gator Grip on the handle giving you a comfortable hold and stops you damaging your hands. 


  • It's a big machete so if you're looking to be super portable and take up as little space as possible it may not be your 1st choice (though it is lightweight).


The Schrade Kukri Machete, as the name indicates, is designed in a Kukri-style.

It is very heavy-duty and ideal for survival tasks that require you to swing your machete around, be it clearing a path as you advance through dense vegetation, or fending off a wild predator.

The overall length of this survival machete is 19.7 inches, with a high-quality blade that is 13.3 inches long and constructed from stainless steel.

The machete is very aerodynamic thanks to its shape, which is slightly curved and rounded on both sides, meeting at the pointed tip.

It also features a few cutouts within the blade to ensure it can efficiently slice through the air when you swing it.

The problem that can arise when swinging a machete around, is that it could potentially slip out of your hand and be sent flying, which could cause a number of different accidents.

However, as the Schrade Kukri machete is designed for swinging, it has taken care of this potential problem by featuring Anti-Slip Grip technology.

The handle is made from textured plastic with a finish that promotes a better tactile response.

It also has finger contours so that you can grip it tightly and securely, so it’s completely safe to swing the machete around.

This product also includes a sheath for the machete and a few accessories to help you get good full use out of it. 


  • Heavy-duty, durable, and high-quality which means you're getting a reliable machete.

  • 13.3-inch stainless steel blade which gives you lots of reach and the ability to cut easily.

  • Aerodynamic and curved shape design - ideal for swinging without tiring your arm or hurting yourself.

  • Anti-Slip Grip technology so it never accidentally slips from your hand ending up lost or worse injuring you.

  • Sheath and other complements included.


  • Heavier than other machetes so if travelling light is a priority for you then keep this in mind.


The Kershaw Camp 10 Tan Machete is extremely lightweight and slightly smaller than other survival machetes, making it ideal to take anywhere as a multipurpose tool.

With an overall length of 16 inches, the machete is very versatile and highly durable and resistant despite its lightweight design.

The blade measures 10 inches long and is made from stainless steel.

It is designed to have a slight curve, ending in a very sharp tip, which makes it ideal for cutting through brush and branches or for slashing through a trail to form a clearing.

The blade is also completely covered in a black-powder finish coating that adds protection and durability, keeping the steel from oxidation or weathering.

The handle features a guard at the top and the bottom to protect the thumb and fingers.

It also has a textured grip design to enhance safety and grip while in use.

The product also includes a sheath made out of nylon polymer and glass, just as strong and durable as the blade of the machete, to ensure everything is well protected and safe from any accidents. 


  • Extremely lightweight design which is perfect for light travel.

  • 10-inch stainless steel blade means it's a short enough blade that it isn't taking up loads of room or weight but long enough to be practical.

  • Ideal for cutting and slashing through branches.

  • Black-powder finish on the blade for protection and durability.

  • Textured grip design and safety guards on the handle to stop damage to your hands and keep it firmly in your hands and slip free.


  • The sheath is too rigid and slightly awkward to use for some customers.


If you’re looking for an extremely versatile and high-quality survival machete that ticks all of the boxes, the Sheffield Jarvis Survival Machete might be the one for you.

Those that use this machete claim that it is the ultimate survival tool and useful for almost any task, ideal for setting up camp, building a shelter, hunting, cutting and slashing, and many more.

The blade’s design is from a line of military tactical knives, so you’re guaranteed its efficiency and high quality.

It is made from stainless steel and has a length of 10.5 inches.

As for its shape, it has dual-sided edges and a sharpened point, which arrives ultra-sharp and ready for use.

The blade is also powder-coated for a protective finish that keeps it safe from any weathering.

The overall length of the machete is 16.5 inches, and it is very comfortable and easy to wield thanks to the aggressively scalloped ABS handle.

It helps you have a firmer grip, even in harsh or wet weather conditions, so that it is always safe to use and wield. 


  • Extremely versatile and high-quality.

  • Military tactical knife design so it's designed to be practical and work.

  • Stainless steel 10.5-inches blade meaning it's small enough to be portable but still powerful enough for cutting.

  • Powder-coated blade for extra durability.

  • ABS handle for a firm grip in any weather conditions so it won't slip from your hand and injure you or end up lost.


  • Grip comfort might vary depending to hand size.


The Ust ParaCuda FS Machete is a great option that is also budget-friendly with great value and quality.

This machete is strong and flexible, ideal for any task you might need it for, as it is highly versatile and designed to do it all.

The blade is 11 inches long with a straight edge that features an aggressive sawback, perfect for sawing both wet and dry wood.

The blade also has a black oxide coating, to help prevent rust and weathering, making it a lot more durable.

One of the best features of this survival machete is the handle, as it differs from other survival machetes.

It is completely wrapped in paracord, which gives it a much more secure grip for wielding safely and enhancing control.

The paracord can also be unwrapped and used in the case of an emergency, so it is a great feature to have.

The ParaCuda machete also comes with a magnesium fire starter included, which will come in very handy for your survival experience, as well as coming with a durable nylon sheath. 


  • Budget-friendly option.

  • Highly versatile and multipurpose use.

  • 11-inch straight-edge blade with sawback so you can chop, cut, and saw with it.

  • Black oxide coating for durability and protection.

  • Handle wrapped in paracord for enhanced grip so it never slips out and ends up lost or worse - injuring you.
  • Magnesium fire starter included as an additional bonus.


  • Once paracord is removed for an emergency, the handle is uncomfortable.

Best Survival Machete Buying Guide

Survival can be tough, especially in harsher terrains and conditions in which you have to be extra resourceful to get by.

If you’re planning a survival experience or adventure, you’ll want to pack very light, taking just the essential tools to help you along the way.

One of those essential tools that should 100% be in your survival equipment is a survival machete.

They are completely multipurpose and useful in a huge amount of situations and circumstances.

They help you build a shelter, slash your way through the wilderness, cut up food, defend yourself against wild predators...the possibilities truly go on and on. 

However, choosing the right survival machete isn’t as easy as it seems.

There are many different types and options available in the market, and different features might suit your specific needs differently.

To end up with a survival machete that covers all the basics appropriately, and then goes above and beyond in quality and uses, you need to take a closer look at the options to determine which works best.

To help you understand the different factors to consider when purchasing a survival machete, we’ve put together this small buyer’s guide. We hope it helps!

Type of blade

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a survival machete is the blade.

A machete, as a general rule, has a blade with a considerable length and width, so that it is overall a big size.

However, machete sizes and shapes can vary depending on the type and brand, so there’s a lot of options to choose from. 

Blades will usually be either straight-edged or slightly curved.

Straight-edged is common for machetes that also have a sawback side with which to saw through wood.

Slightly curved edges help the machete increase the contact surface, and they’re a lot more effective when cutting or slashing, as well as being stronger and more durable. 

As for the tip of the blade, an ultra pointy and sharpened tip will be ideal for self-defense or piercing through tough materials.

However, a very pointed tip can weaken the blade, which is why a lot of machetes have a rounder pointed blade. 

Another thing to consider when it comes to the blade is how heavy, strong, durable, and heavy it is.

Most blades are made out of stainless steel, which is highly durable and resistant.

Some machetes will then also have a powder-coating finish over the blade, which further protects it from weathering and rust, so we highly recommend you look out for that feature.

The more lightweight a machete is, the easier it will be to manage and wield without your arms tiring.

However, you should find a suitable balance between blade strength and weight, so that neither aspect is compromised. 


The handle of a machete is a lot more important than people often think, as it can determine the security with which you can use and wield the machete.

It’s very important to look out for handles with a good grip so that you can hold the machete tightly and firmly without any danger of it accidentally slipping out of your hand when you swing it around. 

If the handle has contoured shaping to accommodate your fingers, the grip will be even better, so this is a good bonus feature to look out for.

Our top pick machete has a solid handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a machete cut wood?

As a general rule, machetes are designed to be a lot more heavy-duty and versatile than other tools, so most of them can indeed cut wood.

However, not all machetes are designed to be efficient while chopping wood.

For this task, you should use a heavier and bigger machete, able to swing and cut through the wood with strength.

Another option would be to look out for a machete with a sawback on one side of the blade so that it can saw through the wood! 

Is it illegal to walk around with a machete?

By United States law, machetes are classified as agricultural tools, and therefore there aren’t many regulations.

As a general rule, it is perfectly okay to own a machete. As for walking around for it, always check the laws and regulations of each state and region.

Can you carry a machete while hiking?

Carrying a machete while hiking should be fine, so long as it is done in a safe way.

The best option would be to attach it to your hiking backpack, or to have it safely attached to your belt.

Make sure it is in a protective sheath so that it doesn’t accidentally harm you or others.

If it’s a very heavy machete, it might hinder your hiking speed, so it is up to you if you carry a machete on a hike and if so, which type you carry. 

Enjoy picking up the best survival machete for your needs.