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Will a steel disaster shelter rust out?

Steel shelters can last for up to 100 years depending on moisture levels, soil type, and other external factors. 

Can my disaster shelter leak?
Any shelter can leak, to avoid this build it away from high water conditions and sited in a place where rain water will drain away from the shelter. Do not place your shelter at the bottom of a hill.

In hurricane prone areas a steel shetler is not a good idea. 

Will my disaster shelter protect my family from the heat and toxic gases generated by “firestorms”?

It's nearly impossible to say as it depends on too many external factors.

What about using steel sea shipping containers for underground shelters?

People use shipping containers as they are cheap and widely available but they don't make for great survival shelters.

Due to rusting and corrosion you have a structure of questionable safety.

Why build a shelter when all I need is some duct tape and plastic sheeting?

It's a myth that duct tape and plastic sheeting will save you from any sort of biological or chemical attack. 

Can I build a shelter in my basement?

Yes, but it may not be very effective due to the likely cramped nature of it. And there will be little room for your food, water, toilet and other neccessities.

Why build a shelter at all?

To protect yourself from disaster situations, emergencies, and biological / chemical / nuclear attacks from the Soviets or China or other hostile regimes.

What's the best Survival knife?

Some of the best brands include...

What's the best way to chop wood for a fire or building a shelter?

How do I light a fire? What about if I have no matches or lighter?

What if I need to bug out, what's the best plan?

What about food, how should I prepare?

What type of flashlight should I carry?

What other essential survival gear do I need?

I'm on a tight budget, can I still prep?

If SHTF then what should I be expecting?

The Most Common Prepper & Disaster and Survival Shelter Questions Answered

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