Are Benchmade knives selling on real or counterfeit?

Yes, there is a big chance Benchmade knives from are counterfeit. Online shopping is risky. One time you might get a real Benchmade knife and other times you may not be so lucky and get a counterfeit.

Why do I say it’s a risk? Well, when you buy from, you will most likely get the products shipped directly from the Manufacturers or even suppliers without going through any quality control checks, unlike what happens with other online shopping platforms.

Thus, the chances of getting counterfeit Benchmade blades from are very high (Will Benchmade fix blade centering issues on your knife?).

As a person who loves collecting Benchmade knives, I’ve had my share of disappointments when I order one on and get a Counterfeit.

For this reason, I Have Become very keen when making orders online, especially on

There are various guidelines I need to check when buying from and I think they will help you as you look to buy genuine Benchmade knives.

Tips to follow when buying Benchmade knives on

Always check the reviews first and see what other buyers say about the seller

If provides the reviews, make it a best practice to always go through them and see what other buyers say about the product.

By doing this, you will get to know if a seller is selling fake or genuine Benchmade knives.

You can also dig around on various forums and other online shopping spaces to know the reputation of a seller.

Do your homework about some features of the products.

It is always important to know how a product is packaged, the writing on the product, or even the box so that when you check the pictures online, you get to see if it is the same as the original one.

This step can be done simply by getting into the Benchmade website, searching the model, and performing comparisons. Here are the things you can check;

  • The shape of the model of the blade you want to buy.
  • The packaging. Most Benchmade knives are packaged in a box with a specific color, and they are sealed uniquely. If the picture of the packaging does not seem the same as the one on the site, then the seller is selling a counterfeit.
  • The various shape and writing designs on the knife and the actual design of the knife and coloring.

I consider this the best method of identifying Benchmade knives on But if the seller uses fake photos, other things will help you identify genuine Benchmade knives from counterfeits.

If the prices are too low, then the deal is too good to be true.

I consider this one of the biggest red flags when buying Benchmade knives on

To know if the price is too low you can check what Benchmade themselves are selling their knives for.

There’s a possibility to get great deals online, but if the prices make little sense, then probably the deal is too good to be true.

Benchmade makes high-quality knives that are worth the prices put on them.

A person can only sell a genuine Benchmade knife at a cheap price if they don’t know the real value. But if you get a cheap price, it means it is a knockoff.

Always check if Benchmade has allowed the seller to sell their knives.

Benchmade has several retailers and sellers who they entrust to sell their knives. You can check the list by going through their website.

Always make this a best practice when looking forward to buying Benchmade original knives (learn here if Benchmade sharpen knives for free).

If you do your research well and find the seller on the list, then it means that Benchmade recognizes and gives them the authority to sell their knives on

It can be very rare to find an authorized seller, but that does not mean you should not have a look and see if a genuine individual is Willing to sell genuine Benchmade knives.

You just must be extra careful when doing your research.

Always look out for defects and poor workmanship.

Benchmade always ensures they produce quality knives, making it very easy to identify counterfeits because they are very different compared to genuine ones in terms of quality.

The quality of equipment used to make knives at Benchmade is high-end, ensuring that the knives produced are very precise.

Some areas where cheap knock offs differ from genuine knives include:

  • Poorly shaped edges that are not of the same design as genuine knives.
  • Defects on the handle and sometimes not correctly designed.

Are Benchmade Knives on Real or Counterfit?

There is a big chance that Benchmade knives selling on are counterfeit unless you get an allowed seller online or just a collector selling original Benchmade knives on

That is why I say from my experience, that shopping online is an enormous risk.

But with the following guidelines, you can be able to reduce your chances of buying counterfeit Benchmade knives…

1. Check the Reviews to see what other buyers say about a seller.
2. Checking if Benchmade has allowed a seller to sell their knives.
3. Do your homework and compare the knives side to side with pictures provided by the seller.
4. Know if the prices are too low, then the deal is too good to be true
5. Checking for defects and poor workmanship on the knives.