Benchmade vs Sog Knives (Pros, Cons, Differences & Which is Better?)

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Nowadays there are so many brands in the market that manufacture knives but you have to buy the best for your day-to-day life.

Benchmade and SOG knives are some of the best in the market.

Wondering which knives are better between Benchmade and SOG knives? Well, I will give you an answer in this review by explaining what each product brings to the table.

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade knives are produced by Oregon, one of the top knife producers in the US.

The company has been producing knives for the last 20 years and they’re so passionate about manufacturing high-quality knives.

Benchmade focuses a lot on the high-tech combat and tactical knife market and they’re a dominant player in the market.

The brand has some of the greatest designs and innovations and a good example would be the AXIS Lock mechanism.

The locking mechanism was an innovation of the popular knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams.

The first knife from their set was the Benchmade 710 and up to date, it’s still a hit with knife enthusiasts.

The quality control at Benchmade is very serious and this contributes to the high quality of their products.

They also have a high level of investment and they always use the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Benchmade produces a wide range of choices that are manufactured using high-end materials like the S30V and 154CM stainless steel and G-10 for the handles.

Most Benchmade knives are tactical and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Just recently, the band released their Griptilian line of knives which are great for everyday purposes.

The brand has different classes to categorize the knives and these are:

  • Gold Class– The best knives out there and they are high-end custom designs which attract wealthy collectors.
  • Blue Class– Knives in this category are brought by many knife enthusiasts for their day to day tasks. The knives are of high quality and that’s why they’re expensive.
  • Black Class– Knives in this category are meant for people in Law Enforcement, Military and Public Service. But, they can also be purchased for by anyone.

Some great examples of Benchmade knives are Benchmade 275 Adamas and Benchmade 710. Aesthetically and functionally Benchmade knives are excellent and you should get one or more of their pieces.


  • Blades lock up solidly, there is no motion side to side
  • Made of material that’s tough, powerful, and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to open and lock


  • Some are made of textured handles that tend to grate your hands

SOG Knives

Something that makes SOG knives stand out is their level of utility. Although most of SOG’s knives are standard ones with good blades, their knives come in handy for a variety of purposes.

The brand not only produces knives for law enforcement and the military but also, you can get many options for regular use.

I’m talking about some of the everyday blades like pocket knives, multi-tools, axes, and hatchets.

All of SOG’s blades are durable regardless of the size because they have been manufactured using excellent material.

So, when you purchase a SOG knife you can expect to own a very usable and durable knife.

The company guarantees that all its products have no defects. That’s because they focus on producing high-quality knives that are very durable.

You might still be asking yourself if SOG knives are any good. The answer is, yes, SOG products are worth every penny.

A good thing about these knives is that you can get high-quality and durable options that cost as little as $100.

Additionally, they come in different designs and excellent tech that you might not come across in other knives on the market.

Their knives stand out against more expensive knives at prices that are more competitive.

SOG knives are manufactured in other countries outside the US and this might be a turn-off to some knife enthusiasts.

But, once you use their knives you’ll realize that they have bridged the gap between the US and German-made competitors.

If you purchase the Japan-made variants you’ll notice that the steel is high-quality and the whole design feels so durable.

These are just but a few reasons why SOG knives are simply the best in the market.

Although there are other better knives than SOG’s, their products are fairly priced and the quality is superb. So, with that in mind why wouldn’t you get yourself a SOG knife?

If you want to buy a SOG knife, you can pick from the popular choices in the market such as MACV-SOG and SEAL 2020.

By choosing these knives you’ll have a lifetime of amazing, durable, and stylish knives at an affordable price.


  • A high-grip textured and durable handle
  • Purposeful design
  • Powerful locking mechanism


  • With increased use, the screws can come off easily

Which is Better? SOG or Benchmade Knives

In the review, I have emphasized how products from the two brands are of great quality. All the advantages have been highlighted in the review.

But, generally, I believe that the quality of Benchmade knives is by far superior to SOG knives.

In the past, I have owned several knives from the two brands and I wouldn’t mind buying another Benchmade knife.