Why Are Benchmade Knives So Expensive?

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Benchmade is an American Knifemaking Brand based in Oregon.

This company is mainly known for its knives, even though it also makes sports, martial art, and law enforcement products.

Benchmade knives are referred to as high-end products. They are also ordinarily costly.

Are Benchmade knives overpriced?

The most common comments made by consumers about Benchmade knives is that they are very costly.

Some people claim that they are overpriced because they cost way more than typically knife brands. However, there is an explanation as to why Benchmade knives are costly.

Why are Benchmade knives so expensive?

Below are some factors why Benchmade knives are so expensive;

The brand and its history

Benchmade is quite a prominent and large brand. The company creates mass produces its products using computerized equipment.

This is because it helps diminish the production obstacles and make the process easier.

For instance, Benchmade uses powerful laser cutting machines to cut through the metal and make knives and other products.

This element has made the brand a leader in automatic knife production machinery.

However, the use of automated and modern machine means spending a little more money than their counterparts.

This translates to Benchmade products, including the knives, being costly.

Additionally, despite the use of automated machinery, the company still requires a human workforce which they also have to pay.

The location of the company makes the cost of its labour higher. Note that labour costs differ from one location to the next.

The company’s location also influences the cost of its services, hence the overall cost of the products.

Also, the authenticity of the brand influences the price of their products. Benchmade is quite a reputable company with an impeccable track record. Since its establishment, the company has not had a tainted reputation.

Unique design

One of the primary reasons why Benchmade knives are costly is because of their unique design.

For instance, most knives by Benchmade have an ambidextrous design, with easy functions of opening, closing and cutting, which makes them superior in design.

The company tests the knives severally before availing them to clients. This makes sure that the clients only get the best of the products.

Note that Benchmade knives come in a wide range of styles.


It is also worth mentioning that the brand makes the best quality of products. Firstly, the company used the hardest metals to make the products.

This means that the products are tougher and more durable than their counterparts. In addition to the materials used, the designs also impact the products’ overall quality.

From stainless steel to glass-filled nylon, Benchmade uses the best materials.

The materials are tough, corrosion-resistant, powerful, and functional. Since they feature superior quality, this translates to the cost.

Note that not all Benchmade knives are made using the same material. They come in a variety of blade and handle materials.

However, regardless of the differences, they are all made from premium materials.


The knives also feature incredible functionality. Benchmade knives can be applied for a wide range of purposes.

They can be used for technical applications as well as household applications. In addition to being easy to use, they are also very authentic.

Are Benchmade knives worth it?

The most straightforward answer to this question is YES. Benchmade knives are worth the price because they are some of the best knives available in the market.

Their excellent build quality, premium materials, long-lasting and durable elements make them worth it.