Does Benchmade sharpen knives for free?

Yes! Benchmade does sharpen knives for free through the Benchmade LifeSharp services. The service is completely free, genuine, and well-recognized by the knife community.

Benchmade sharpens your knife by restoring its original edge that will serve you to the fullest.

The blades are freely sharpened throughout their life span. You must agree to some conditions by signing on their terms to gain this privilege.

Sharpening cannot be done on every knife for free at Benchmade; some factors are considered.

Knives that are Eligible for the Free Sharpening Services

Now that you know the free sharpening services for your blades at Benchmade. Knowing what kind of knives qualifies to be shipped to their headquarters for this great free service is time.

Benchmade LifeSharp service is only available to those who possess the legit Benchmade knives; any other type or copy is not accepted.

You cannot send other different brands apart from the authentic Benchmade knives.

Benchmade does not entertain counterfeit, and if they conduct their inspection and find out the knives are not of their brand, they are legally allowed to confiscate them.

There will be no compensation for the damages done to the blades, and neither will you have them back.

A knife with serration partly or on the entire blade is not eligible for the sharpening services.

By chance, you have one in your home; I advise you not to take it as they will not attend to it; it’s against their operational policies.

If you have the Benchmade knives that are fit for the free service, you are free to ship them to the headquarters and Benchmade will fix blade centering issues on your knife if they exist..

You will not be charged a single cent for the service; you will only incur the shipping fee and have your favorite knives sharpened.

When you send your knives for sharpening, they not only focus on the sharpening, there are some services that they will offer to your blade. For example,

  • Blade lubrication
  • Blade and clip adjustments
  • Thorough cleaning of the knives

How to Ship your Knives to Benchmade LifeSharp Service

For the blades to reach the Benchmade headquarters, you will have to follow three simple steps.

Step one

You will have to create a Benchmade user account on the website; it’s here where you will log in to accomplish all the required steps in shipping your knives.

Step two

Log in to the account you’ve created and fill the form with the required information regarding your knives.

Kindly remember, after filling out the forms, print them, and have some hard copies, which later on you will use in sending Benchmade knives.

Step three

Once you are done with the above two steps, it’s time to send your knives via Benchmade’s address; you can easily find it on their website (remember do not send a counterfeit Benchmade knive you bought on somewhere like to them as they can confiscate it).

If your blades get lost, stolen, or damaged on their way to and from, Benchmade will not be accountable for the loss.

That is why it is important to ship them insured and postage to prevent any unwanted circumstances along the way.

After sending them, Benchmade will act on them once they get there and ship the knives to your location immediately after they are through with services. You will wait for at most 14 days to have your blades back.

After How Long Should you Send Knives for Free Sharpening Services

“Too much of something is completely poison” now that the services are free, it doesn’t mean that you can be sending your knives for the sharpening services frequently.

It is not that Benchmade won’t attend to them, but it is because you will be ruining your blades.

Although there are no restrictions on the number of times, one can take their knives to Benchmade.

In a month, you can take your knife mostly 1-2 times if the blade is used frequently. Take the blades for sharpening when needed, for example, when it becomes dull and blunt.

There is a clear difference between sharpening your knives excessively and below the required limit.

Even if you take them for sharpening, be certain that your blades are safe and easy to use by preventing the wear-down normally caused by the frequent sharpening.

Does Benchmade sharpen knives for free?

Yes, it is true Benchmade can sharpen your knives for free; the only cost you will incur is the shipping fee and the insurance (or you can learn how and which angle to sharpen your Benchmade knife here).

The free sharpening services are only meant for legit Benchmade knives. Any counterfeit sent will be destroyed with no compensation.

Sharpening is one of the important aspects of maintaining your knives, as it keeps them in the right condition.

Maintaining a knife is easier than restoring a blade that hasn’t received any maintenance for a long time.

Familiarise yourself with the basic home care for the knives, even if you take them to professionals.