Will Benchmade fix blade centering issues on your knife?

Yes, Benchmade can fix centering issues on your knife.

It is one of the leading knife manufacturers and offers various knives for different market segments.

I bought a Benchmade knife a while back and could not help but notice that its blade was off to the point that it touched the sheath.

This got me wondering, can Benchmade fix blade centering issues on your hand?

I will explore Benchmade customer service and what you expect when taking a knife for repair.

I will also share a few tips on dealing with centering issues with your knife on your own.

What are Knife Centering Issues?

A blade is anchored to a handle and held together by nuts.

Sometimes, the knife does not look straight and maybe warped or bent towards one side.

In many cases, you should be able to use the knife as it is.

Most people do not experience any functionality issues when using knives with off-centered blades.

However, you may have to bend it at an angle to cut some items, which is inconvenient.

Other times, the blade may be poking the sheath or the locking mechanism.

This can cause damage to the sheath or make it hard to lock the blade in place when storing it.

This signifies that the centering is off and needs to be re-adjusted.

Let’s learn a few ways you can deal with centering issues on a Benchmade knife.

Benchmade Customer Service

Benchmade has lifetime customer service for its branded knives (here’s how to sharpen a Benchmade knife).

The company requests its customers take the knives back to the company’s service centers for resharpening and requisite repairs.

This ensures that your knife is always in optimal condition and that you are assured that professionals are maintaining it.

However, the company is mum about dealing with centering issues with the blade.

This does not mean that the company does not fix blades with centering issues.

When you take your knife for repair, the technicians check all the issues, including the handle, centering, and sharpness.

Therefore, you expect it to come back with centering issues dealt with by the firm.

However, if centering is the only problem with your knife, it is best to ask the company to repair it when you take it to a service center.

You may assume that someone will look at the issue, only for them to forget to look at it.

Do not be worried about the price.

You will not be charged extra for centering when you take the knife back for sharpening.

The company advertises its customer service as an all-rounded knife tune-up process.

Therefore, it will handle all the issues with your knife as an entire package unless you replace the handle, which may come at an extra cost.

Remember, the company only tunes its branded knives.

If you have knives from other brands, you may need to fix blade centering issues yourself or check if the manufacturer in question has any program to fix blades with centering issues.

If the knife does not have any other issues, you should get it back in a few days after taking it for repair and tune-up.

However, this depends on the existing workload at the repair centre.

How to Fix Blade Centering Issues on Your Own

It is recommended that you take your blade to the service centre for repair and tune-up.

However, if you are confident in your skills, you can also make the necessary changes to deal with centering issues.

Here is how to go about it.

1.    Start by opening the blade at 90 degrees and then tighten the pivot screw so that it is really tight.

2.    While holding onto the frame, close the blade and loosen all the frame screws.

3.    While in the same position, pull the blade to the side you need it to move to correct the centering problem.

4.    Tighten the frame screws as you pull the blade so that the knife does not move the other way.

5.    Do this until you have tightened all the frame screws in place.

6.    Complete the process by loosening the pivot screw and adjusting it to the right tension.

Avoid the procedure for custom-made knives as they are delicate, but you can do this on production knives.

Does Benchmade fix blades with off-centering issues?

Yes, here is why:

1.    It offers all-around knife repair, sharpening, and tune-up services.

2.    It asks its customers to get professional assistance from customer service for all knife-related issues.

3.    Customers who have used the service got their knives with the off-centering handled by the technicians.

However, the service is only available for its branded knives.

You can handle the off-centering issues yourself, but follow procedures carefully if you are careful.

However, DIY is not ideal for small custom-made pocket knives as they are very delicate and can get damaged easily.