Who’s The Top 10 Best Survivalist Of All Time?

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Several things in this world can be a danger to you and your family. It is always important to be ready to survive anything. I have had survival toys over the years and survival skills. I must inspire you as I have been inspired by top survivalists.

The article states the 10 best survivalists of all time considering their experiences and what they can do to survive. You will understand how these survivalists experience their situations and what you can pick up from them as a survivor.

1. EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder

As a renowned athlete and fighter, he earned the nickname “Skullcrusher”. His expertise covers leadership, trapping, tracking, building shelter and equipment, navigation, primitive weapons, self-defense, and reliance.

He employs a “Train as you Fight” approach to survival and believes in pushing the limits of your environment and yourself. He strives to break through the “Law of 3’s of Survival: and has experienced many survival situations.

He passes these lessons to others and he believes that one can survive in any environment with no notice and little supplies.

He is always ready for any situation; be it a survival situation, assisting a stranger in need, or reacting to a crisis.

2. Mykel Hawke

As a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer, he has vast knowledge and practical survival techniques.

To add to his survival skills, he has crafted better ways to make knives and other products user-friendly. His wilderness survival skills express his impressive values in life.

His practical skills make him useful in crises situations and he can survive in any condition.

3. Les Stroud

He is a Canadian survival expert and he expresses his resourcefulness in his television series “Survivorman”. He has gone through challenges and makes us aware of things that can potentially save our life.

He has influenced me to have a small toolbox where I keep my survival equipment that I never knew I needed.

His survival tactics are effective, and easily applicable. He films himself while doing survival series of actions. he takes calculated risks and he showcases the hard and lonely parts of survival.

4. Dave Canterbury

His 20-year military experience and civilian survival skills have put a name for him. He has demonstrated survival techniques where he has taught valuable skills.

For instance, he has focused on cauterizing injuries with gunpowder.

5. Ray Mears

He is a woodsman who has covered several survival techniques and bushcraft. He has participated in the naval cadre of the Combined Cadet Force in the UK to promote self-reliance and leadership.

He exhibits survival skills such as performing first aid to tracking dangerous animals.

6. Bear Grylls

He is an adventurer who has learned techniques such as survival. Parachuting and unarmed combat.

After an incident when he fell from a parachute, he scaled Mount Everest’s summit and has ventured into the wild frequently.

7. Mors Kochanski

He is a bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor from Canada. His legacy speaks for himself and he has trained a lot of survivalists.

He has been doing it for 40 years and he does not use gimmicks to show off that he knows how to survive.

8. Cody Lundin

He can turn nothing into something, and he relies heavily on nature. He knows a lot about insects and plants which is helpful when trying to get something to eat while surviving.

Additionally, he can make a fire out on anything and he is very cautious in every environment. He teaches a lot of work on thermal regulation, shelter building, and starting a fire.

He also says that mental clarity is essential as if you cannot keep calm, you will not make it home.

9. Tom Brown

He has survival courses where he teaches people ways of tracking and trapping. He focuses on survival as more than a physical skill, but also a spiritual and awaren

ess skill. Such a skill makes it easy for one to survive.

10. Ron Hood

He teaches a practical way to survive.

He focuses on understanding how people are taught to survive not just what they are taught. He focuses on the skills and instructional accuracy that equip people with the appropriate survival skills.

Here is a list of what we learned from the top 10 survivalists

  • Stay ready as disaster can strike any time
  • Survivalists equip you with what to know through survival courses
  • Prepare at all costs
  • Know how to survive in any situation
  • Learn your environment

Therefore, the top 10 survivalists show you that you should always be ready for any situation.