Bushcraft Ideas for Projects

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Carrying a lot of stuff while headed on a camping trip will do you no more good than wearing you down. Imagine a life where you go camping with a few basic tools.

All these can happen if you are well equipped with bushcraft techniques. Bush craft’s ideas will enable you to have quality time in nature without any worries of knowing the right and wrong way of doing things.

Below are the bushcraft ideas:

1. Making of chipped stone

This idea is the oldest survival technique. Here you break stones and convert them into usable tools.

This skill requires a lot of patience and a more dynamic hand for the stone to be in the desired form of a tool.

You can get yourself injured with cuts mostly if you are an amateur in the process.

As they say, beautiful things take time; the end product will be worth the wait and hard work invested in.

You will come up with a nice knife or even a spear to help you during the camping duration.

2. Coming up with ropes made from plants

Making ropes from the plants is one of the greatest bush craft ideas to ensure your survival in the wilderness.

You will need the rope to create a snare for wild animals and build up your shelter.

With this idea, patience is a requirement. The rope is normally made up of twisted yucca. Indeed, the rope is strong, just as the ordinary rope.

3. A pot hanger

Most of the time, bushcraft individuals carry their compact stoves. This is okay, but have your meals cooked directly over the fire if you want to experience a wilderness mood.

You will need to develop an idea of how your pot will settle over the direct fire. You will have to come up with bushcraft skills and create a pot hunger at this point.

There are many ways you can come up with a reliable pot hanger. One common and easy way is that you will have to hammer two medium-sized branches of the tree across your fire area.

Each branch should have a Y shape to put it across another thin branch. Using a wire, you can hang your pot and start cooking.

4. Feather stick

Whenever you are in the wilderness, one of the things that will ensure your survival is fire.

The nighttime temperatures are extremely low, making you uncomfortable and even prone to diseases.

Despite the fire being used for warming purposes, it is also used to cook food, scare wild animals away, and finally boil water for purification purposes.

When you don’t have the matchbox or the fire starter, the problems come in. Here all you need is get paper; it can be toilet paper and light up your fire very fast.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, you can make a feather stick. Feather stick will help you; surprisingly, it works very well even in a wet environment.

A feather stick is quite simple and doesn’t require critical thinking. In making it you will also be having fun moments thereby you can do it while relaxing at the camp.

5. Making up of a bark container

You need to be a veteran to come up with a bark container. This container is used by bush crafters in cooking meals, storing and boiling water.

If it is your first time, don’t worry, as you can also come up with a basic container from birch bark.

You can make the container from other barks, but the birch bark is simple to work with us you can easily get it off the tree.

6. Making a bow drill fire

Many bush crafting skills can create fire. You can start a fire without the use of a matchbox or lighters.

You might think of rubbing sticks together, but this is not a reliable way of starting a fire. The process of rubbing sticks is time-consuming; instead, you should try and come up with a bow drill.

This bushcraft idea enables you to have total friction that will lead to the establishment of fire.

7. Shelter construction

To be considered a survivalist, you will need to have bush crafting ideas on how to make your shelter. Materials needed are tree branches and dry grasses and leaves.

When you light up the fire, ensure it is at least 3 meters from your shelter. This is to prevent fire accidents, as most of the materials used are dry.


Wilderness survival requires a lot of bushcraft ideas, and this depends on your level of skills. Some of the bushcraft ideas are:

  • Making of chipped stone
  • Coming up with ropes made from the plants
  • A pot hanger
  • Feather stick
  • Making up of a bark container
  • Making a bow drill fire
  • Shelter construction