Survival When Civilization Collapses, Is It Possible?

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While this question may not be one you like to think about, it is something that you need to consider.

The short answer is yes, it is possible to survive when civilization collapses, but only if you start planning today.

While it may be possible to survive when civilization collapses, there is no definitive guide that you can use.

It will depend on what causes the collapse, and there are many possibilities.

So this guide will consider the best general ways you can survive when civilization collapses.

Step 1: Gather as Much Information as Possible

We live in an age where information is key, and this will be especially important when civilization collapses.

If there is still power, use your resources to find out exactly what is happening and what is causing it.

Check the internet using the news networks you trust. Check reliable television news and radio.

The government should be reaching out to try and inform civilians about the crisis.
So plan ahead and build up a list of the news channels you trust.

Step 2: Stock Up on Food Now

When civilization collapses, it will be too late to start looking for food and supplies.

And don’t assume that a year’s supply of canned food will be enough for you to survive alone.

Planning to survive alone is a plan destined for failure. We need to cooperate with others to survive.

So try to stock up on food that will last for between 3 to 6 months. You can trade and share these items with others.

Remember, the more you can help others, the more valuable you become in the eyes of your peers.

But it’s also important to not become a target. Don’t let people know what supplies you have, as a crisis brings out the worst in some people.

So make a list of the food that will be important, and start stocking up before the event.

Step 3: Water is Your Greatest Resource

Most people on this planet do not have enough food to last more than 3 days.

So you are one step ahead of them when you start stocking up now.

But in the event of a global disaster, water is going to be the single greatest resource.

You need to collect as many containers of fresh water as possible while you can.

And this is only the very basic survival plan for the first few months.

You should be continuously thinking about how to get access to running water.

It’s not just about drinking water, running water can be used to generate power.

Step 4: Plan What Other Supplies You Will Need

Now that we have access to food and water, it’s time to think about the other items we will need.

If we have access to running water we can generate power. So buy a small hydroelectric generator.

If the collapse has not blocked out the sun, we can harness its energy too. So buy a small solar power generator.

Along with food and water, a warm shelter is a key to survival.

Stock up on sleeping bags, blankets, quilts, hats, gloves, and warm clothes.

Make sure you have a good pair of boots and rain jackets.

Step 5: Think of What Tools You Will Need

The turning point in stone age times was when man realized how to make tools.

You do not want to be in a situation where you have to design and make your tools.

So make a tool kit with all the essential tools you will need to construct things.

While you hope that your home remains your refuge, you may need to move.

So have the tools you need to make a shelter, construct traps, and make repairs.

Step 6: Remember You Need to Stay Healthy to Survive

All of your planning will be for nothing if you do not stay healthy.

While you cannot prepare for everything, you can prepare for most illnesses.

You need to avoid disease and infection.

So stock up on essential medical supplies and prepare your first aid kit.

Here is How to Survive When Civilization Collapses

  • Gather as Much Information as Possible.
  • Stock Up on Food Now
  • Water is Your Greatest Resource
  • Plan What Other Supplies You Will Need
  • Think of What Tools You Will Need
  • Remember You Need to Stay Healthy to Survive

You cannot prepare for every scenario that might happen when civilization collapses. But you can prepare as best you can.

Your survival depends on what you do today.

So start planning now and don’t be the person who assumes thismight never happen.

While I hope it never does, at least I know I will be ready to help my family to the best of my ability. And you should plan the same.