Are Preppers Crazy And Paranoid?

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Are Preppers Crazy and Paranoid or Not?

Preppers are not generally crazy but express that feeling of being paranoid.

They are motivated to stock numerous supplies for fear of a disaster.

Preppers are not crazy, but as people see them, they are crazy in what they think.

It is crazy to start stocking food, water, and power to get ready for a natural disaster that you are not sure if it’s ever going to happen or it might take so long to happen.

However, this does not seem crazy when a disaster strikes.

There is this stereotype about preppers that explains that these people tend towards being paranoid and thinking that the government might be coming for them.

In an actual sense, they prepare for a natural disaster because they believe the government might not go for them.

They are always prepared for the worst.

Here are some practical reasons to prove that preppers are not as crazy as people think.

Storing of food

Almost everyone has been in that position of storing some necessities to push them for some days.

Most people go shopping that will take them at least a week, month, or so and this is an action not far from being a prepper.

The difference between such people and preppers is that they are not stocking their shopped necessities to use if a disaster strikes.

They are just shopping to use them until they get finished and go back and shop again to prevent them from going back and forth to shopping every time they need something.

Another difference between preppers and ordinary people is that preppers go for things that have a long shelf life.

Ordinary people will have things that can last for a few days then go back to the stores and get others, but all in all, you store goods to push you for a particular period just as preppers do.

Having a first Aid kit

Almost everyone has a first aid kit in their home to help if an emergency happens and some injuries have occurred.

This is also a characteristic that defines a prepper.

They always have first aid kits to use for a normal emergency, but the difference they make from ordinary people is that they have to make sure they have the equipment of a first aid kit in case of an emergency during a pandemic.


When you farm in your garden, there is always the probability of getting many products if you plant many seeds.

All plants grow and get ready simultaneously, and it is impossible to use all these products simultaneously.

So the important thing to do is to store the excess produce.

This is where a similarity comes up between ordinary people and preppers.

As preppers are stocking goods for any upcoming calamity, farmers are also stocking their farm produce for future use, which makes preppers not seem crazy.

As we have seen from the explanations above, preppers are not as crazy as people take them to be. That sounds crazy to them is;

How do people survive without having basic needs at their homes, workplaces, or even cars to help them deal with simple emergencies?

Why do people survive comfortably without knowing where to run? Or who do call if an emergency or a disaster strikes?

Preppers are always ready to move to new places if a disaster strikes and affects the location they live in that current situation.

So they always have ideas on where they can relocate to in case of these emergencies.

How do people live comfortably without any stocked food that can last for a few days or weeks in case of delays of the logistic systems in the area they live?

How do ordinary people go about their everyday lives without having a backup plan of power when power fails? Why do they not have a backup when their home gets destroyed or damaged if a disaster occurs?

Finally, preppers tend to wonder how you survive without having basic medical supplies at hand in case of emergencies that could lead to injuries or until you get help from other sources.

Not being prepared for the above makes preppers see that other people are not serious about life, which seems crazy.

Reasons to prove preppers are not crazy

They store foods and other resources to use in case of a disaster while ordinary people stock foods too to avoid shopping now and then.

They have first aid kits always to offer first aid any time, even in the middle of a pandemic and ordinary people have first aid kits in their homes.

When a farmer produces more products from their farm, the only option is to store the excess produce for day-to-day use.

This also applies to preppers where they store food. The only difference between ordinary people and preppers is, preppers stock their food for emergency cases.