What’s a Good Benchmade Bugout Knife Alternative?

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There is no much better than a tiny, portable pocket knife that can handle a variety of substantial chores.

If that seems like something you’d be fascinated by, the Benchmade Bugout is a famous knife.

However, it is not suitable for everyone. Whether you feel the blade to be too huge, too little, too weighty, or too lightweight, the great news is that there are other Benchmade Bugout competitors on the marketplace.

In this post, we’ll select the finest of those alternatives to provide you with six options for the famous Bugout blade.

Why seek a Benchmade Bugout replacement?

Finding the ideal knife is like finding the perfect pair of trousers.

You’ll test a variety of swords, some of which will be too huge, some of which will be too little, some of which will be too lengthy, some of which will be too shorter, some of which will be too weighty, and some of which will be too lightweight.

While the Benchmade Bugout is a popular all-arounder, it is not suitable for all hand sizes and is very pricey, leaving it out of reach for those on a tighter knife budget.

For some, the Bugout’s feather-light weight is a prominent selling feature. However, a heavier choice may be preferable for individuals who want a bit more force from their knife!

Alternatives to the Pre-Made Bugout Bag

So, if you are searching for a Behcmade Bugout alternative for various eventualities, here are your top pocket knives!

Schmidt Fastball is an American-made Fastball with a quick Opening

What makes it such a good alternative? – Same superb S35V titanium, produced in the USA, exceptionally rapid ball-bearing deployment, light (3.8oz), and significantly less expensive.

The Schmidt Fastball is aimed at the same demographic as the Bugout, offering a high-quality ultralight EDC at a lower price.

They employ ball-bearing innovation to provide a quick and smooth deployment, and a palm flipper tab makes accessing even simpler.

The Fastball is made of the same high-quality titanium (S35V) as the Bugout and has a comparable overall length and blade distance.

If the simplicity of opening is essential to you, you will adore this knife. The conjunction of the flipper tab and the roller bearings makes it quite comfortable to operate.

Spyderco Guerillas 2 is the most Powerful

High-quality knife in the same class as the Bugout, but with a more comprehensive, sharper blade for more complex work.

If you ask around on any knife community about the most fabulous pocket knife, the Spyderco PM2 will come up a lot.

For those who consider the Bugout too lightweight and thin, the PM2 has all the power you could want owing to its 6mm thick edge and 5 kilograms of weight – both of which are double that of the Bugout in a comparably sized compact.

A G fr8ame, compaction lock system, and convenient thumb-hole round out a knife that punches far beyond its capacity and is the ideal partner for people who need to take on challenging jobs daily.

“Zero-tolerance” ZT 0025 is the Best small-size Option

A high-quality knife brand offers a very tiny size with a robust blade.

Perhaps you consider the Bugout to be a little too large to be a real ‘pocket knife.’ If so, the “Zero – tolerance” ZT0025 is for you.

It is an ultra-compact knife with an overall duration of about 15.6cm that provides excellent materials to give a powerful performance.

It is a perfect bit of engineering, and it is also somewhat attractive!

With its’ 5 finger grip’ and comfortable handle form, a carbon composite handle, 25CV titanium, and a KVT-ball load-carrying hinge make it a simple knife to wield.

Mossberg Tactical FF35-CP is the Best low-cost Option

This is a high-quality pocket knife for those on a tight budget who cannot buy a Bugout.

The pricing is a valid criticism of the Bugout. At $145, it is a significant expenditure for individuals who require a knife in their pocket for modest jobs.

Mossberg Tactical provides a high degree of functionality for a fraction of the cost. 

In most ways, the Mossberg is somewhat more significant than the Bugout, but this means you get more knives for your budget.

The difference in cost is most noticeable in the edge composition, with the 8Cr19MoV being significantly softer than the Bugout’s S35v.

Those who prefer practical black patterns will choose the Tactical over the Bugout’s colorful appearance and feel.

Spyderco Resolute C130WP is Ideal for larger Hands

Slightly bigger knife with a broad G20 handle that is comfortable to grasp in more extensive hands.

If you have trouble with smaller pocket knives due to your more extensive hands, you may choose the Spyderco Resolute version.

It is well-known for its comprehensive and simple-to-use handle, manufactured of a high-quality G20 and curved for extra thumb assistance.

It is significantly longer than the Bugout at 23.5m complete, with the preponderance of its thickness going into the handle.

The knife is constructed of 12Cr18MoV steel, which is weaker than the Bugout, but it costs about half as much.

In Summary

Because it combines excellent performance and small weight, the Benchmade Bugout is among the most famous pocket knives in the marketplace.

However, like with many knives, there are a variety of criteria that may or may not make it the ideal knife for you.

If you require something unique, several excellent options are available from companies.

You have just touched the surface of the available possibilities, so if none of the above appeals to you, we urge you do some more research!