3 Best Heavy Knife With A Broad Blade

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In a wilderness survival scenario, a knife is one of the most important tools that you should have. A knife has a few basic functions in the wilderness.

It can be used for clearing the campsite, chopping firewood, gathering food for emergency survival, used as a cooking utensil, and for self-defense.
However, in this article, you will learn about the best heavy knives with a broad blade and their uses and benefits.

Below are some of the knives that you can use to survive on a wilderness camping site.

Three Best Broad Knife For Wilderness Survival

Holyedge 9″ Survival Knife

It’s a heavy-duty fixed blade survival knife mainly used for hunting.


The Holyedge 9″ is a knife with the following specs
• Full Length: 9 inches
• Blade length:3.5 inch
• Hardness:60HRC
• Thickness:8mm
• Material:420HC steel

Key Features Of Holyedge 9″

It is a sharp knife with a blade surface that is deeply heat-treated, electroplated, and polished.

The survival knife has a comfortable non-slip handle. Its handle is made of rubber with suitable hardness giving the knife a comfortable grip.

It also has a Kydex sheath that makes it convenient to carry and use.


It is a blade that looks great and feels strong.

It’s a high-quality product that is not easily damaged since it has good rust resistance.

It’s a multipurpose tool since it can be used for hunting, camping, hiking, adventure, and home use.


It can not be stowed away conveniently and may be open to elements more often than a folding blade.

Why Choose Holyedge 9″

You can choose the Holyedge 9″ hunting knife since it’s the best hunting tool. In addition, with its stainless structure, you can be sure that it has a long-term operation without erosion.

It also has a good rust resistance with high-quality sharpening and high durability.

Avalittle 13″ Blade

It’s a large tactical survival blade mainly used as a weapon than a tool. However, it can also be used for hunting.

In addition, the ava little 13″ is also designed to facilitate cutting ropes, stapping, harnesses, rigging, and other various tasks in the scenario of wilderness camping.


The Avalittle 13″ blade has the following specs;
• Overall length:13.50inches
• Blade length:8.60 inches
• Blade material: stainless steel
• Balde thckiness:3.5mm
• Handle material: cord wrap

Features Of The Avelittle 13″ Blade

It’s a heavy-duty tactical knife with a sharp stainless steel blade and a clip point.

The Avelittle has a non-slip handle that gives the knife a comfortable grip making it easy to use and handle.

With a convenient pocket clip, it’s easy to carry the knife around while camping without damaging yourself or the people around you.


It’s easy to clean and maintain since it is a fixed blade.

It’s a strong blade hence making it durable.

The blade offers more versatility for any task associated with it.


It’s difficult to maintain a good edge when out in the wild without a professional sharpening system.

Why Choose Avelittle 13″ Blade

You can choose the AveLittle 13″ knife since it’s the best tactical tool used in the wilderness to perform various tasks.

Weyland Bugout Knife

It’s a bushcraft outdoor hiking or camping knife used for hunting and as a survival tool.


• Full length:15.25inches
• Blade length:10.75 inches
• Material: 3Cr13 stainless steel
• Blade thickness:1.5inches

Key Features

It’s a heavy-duty hiking and camping knife with all the hunting features you are looking for.

Besides being a hunting tool, the Weyland knife can also be used as a tactical fixed blade knife, survival knife, and military weapon.

The knife is also constructed with stainless steel and has a nylon sheath with a belt loop.


Weyland bugout knife is a multipurpose tool used for camping, hiking, and also military operations.

Excels at stabbing through hard materials

Strong and heavy-duty blade with a stronger point


Sharpening is a hassle because of the double angle.

Why Choose Weyland Bugout Knife

I would choose the Weyland Bugout knife since it’s a multipurpose tool. It also has a nylon sheath with a belt loop, making it safer and easy to carry around.

Additionally, the blade is made of stainless steel, making the blade resistant to rust and corrosion.

What Is The Best Heavy Knife With A Broad Blade?

Here are my top three choices.
1. Holyedge 9″ survival knife is a sharp, deeply heated knife with a comfortable non-slip handle that gives it a comfortable grip. Its also rust-resistant due to its stainless steel material.

2. Avalittle 13″ is a sharp knife used for hunting. It can also be used as a weapon. It’s also easy to carry around while camping without hurting yourself.

3. Weyland bugout knife is a heavy-duty hiking knife made of stainless steel. It has a nylon sheath with a belt loop which makes it safer and easy to handle.


I would go for the Weyland bugout knife if I had to pick one among the three broad blades.

It is a multipurpose knife used for camping, hunting, and as a weapon used for self-defense. The blade is also durable since it is rust-resistant due to its stainless steel material