3 Best Police Folding Knife

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In the last couple of years carrying a knife has become a necessity, given the light of all the changes that the world has gone through and all the threats that have come up.

Choosing the best possible knife from the list on offer will make a huge difference while defending oneself or thwarting some threat in front of oneself. Read on to find out about the best Police Folding Knife out there according to me.

Mtech 8″ Police Blue/Black Spring Assisted Folding Knife

Key Features

This knife is a definite yes for self-defense and stands your ground situation. It’s great for hunting and rescue operations and if you are into survivalist products like me, then you should check this knife out.

It is a spring-assisted knife, with a 3.5” 3MM stainless steel, a thick blade which is partially serrated in 2 tones, and has a thumb stud. The size is 8” overall and 4.5” closed, meaning that the 3.5” blade is completely covered when closed.

The knife has a pocket clip, seat belt cutter, and a glass breaker on its handle. The handle itself is black and blue in color.

The knife itself is a great piece of work, although the glass breaker is not completely dependable. It appears to have a rounded plastic glass breaker at the bottom, instead of a hard steel rectangular breaker.

Pros and Cons

The knife is a great purchase for the price it is at, however, the knife-edge does get delivered dull. It needs a bit of sharpening. However, for the price at which I have bought the knife, I am not complaining.

Why it’s on my list

It’s on my list because of its great finishing, pricing, and swiftness of the blade. If at all you need any proof, the knife is a great gift for law enforcement officers.

TAC Force Blue Police Assisted Open LED Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

Key Features

This knife stands out with an LED torch on its side. It has the standard black and blue color combination, with a blue-colored handle that has a grip on it that’s black in color.

It is a spring-assisted knife and is 4.5” long when it’s closed. The blade itself is two-toned and 3.25” in length. It has an LED light on the handle.

The handle is aluminum, blue-black in color with the police department logo on its silver bareback.

Pros and Cons

The knife is very smooth and pretty sharp. The aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. However, the thumb stud on the knife is on one side only, which eliminates the left-hand side usage of the knife. The flashlight is operated by loosening and tightening screws instead of an on / off switch.

This makes it a bit tedious to work with. I found that the lights were not very bright either, and definitely not as bright as the torch on my smartphone. If the blade is not closed 100%, it can prevent opening properly.

So you need to ensure every time that you are done using it that you have closed the blade 100% down to the mm.

Why it’s on my list

For its price, it is a very popular knife that can be purchased and has the PD logos on it. The flashlight is a plus. It’s therefore on my list here.

TAC Force TF-525 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife

If you need a good-looking knife, this is your go-to choice. It is spring assisted in opening and clicks securely into place once you open it.

The spring-assist enables rapid deployment. The blade is made out of stainless steel and is offered in black color with a half serrated edge.

Key Features

The handle of the knife has a police department logo on it, as well as a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter for emergencies.

It comes complete with a pocket clip for safe and easy carry. The length of the knife while closed is 4.5”, and the blade is 3.25” with 2.8mm blade thickness.

Pros and Cons

It is doubtful if the glass breaker works all on its own, and many testers have said that it doesn’t work. Likewise with the seat belt cutter for emergencies.

The blade alone might work with its serrated edges but with the seat belt cutter, it might not be possible.

Why it’s on my list

The knife goes on to my list especially for how pretty it looks and how tightly put together it is.

So what’s the best police folding knife?

So what is the best police folding knife? Here are my top 3 picks:

Mtech 8″ Police Blue/Black Spring Assisted Folding Knife.

TAC Force Blue Police Assisted Open LED Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife.

TAC Force TF-525 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife.

If I had to pick just one, it would be the Tac Force TF-525 for its good looks, affordability and it’s tight finish on the blade. It just feels great in youth and stays very well secured in your pocket.