What Planning Permission for an Underground Bunker in the UK Is Needed?

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You need planning permission to develop any property in the UK. Permissions ensure that any structures set in place follow the building code and city planning rules.

This requirement also applies to the building of nuclear bankers in the UK. In this article, we shall explore the planning permission and other permits that you require to build a bunker in the UK.

The rules for planning permission and building approval vary from one country to another in the UK.

Therefore, if you are in Northern Ireland or Scotland, check the local building regulations and procedures for accessing planning permission.

The Process of Acquiring Planning Permission for a Bunker

As said earlier, the rules for acquiring planning permission vary from one country to another in the UK.

However, they fall under the Town and Country Planning Act of 1990. Here are the steps to acquiring it.

Get a Structural Engineer to Design the Bunker

Before you can apply for planning permission, you need a structural engineer to design the bunker.

The design will be sent to the local authorities for approval. The design will be accompanied by a layout of your property and details of other structures around it.

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Pre-application Consultation

If you wish to erect a bunker in England, you should carry out a pre-application consultation.

The consultant publicizes the proposed development in a manner that brings it to the attention of the majority of people that live on or within the vicinity of the property.

This allows members of the public to make submissions, comments, and objections against the proposed development.

This information will be used by the approving teams to determine if the bunker poses any risk to your neighbors.

Submission for Planning Permission

You should submit the application for planning permission along with the pre-application consultation report (if you live in England), the design of the bunker, the layout of the property, and a description of other structures on the property.

The approvals team will look at your application and ascertain the impact that the bunker may have on the property and the people living around you.

There is no regulation that exempts the building of bunkers from scrutiny.

Therefore, it is only after the local authorities determine that the building will not negatively affect the rest of the people that live in the vicinity that it will be allowed.

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Provision of Planning Permission

There are three ways you can get planning permission in the UK. Here is a quick description of each.

General Development Orders

 This is an order served by the secretary of state to provide for the granting of planning permission.

The permission allows the property owner to carry out modifications on their property, including building new structures, without seeking approval from the local authority.

This development order is normally offered for specified government projects and private installations that have a bearing on national planning or the safety of people.

The secretary of state will have consulted with the local government on the same before allowing such a development.

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Mayoral Development Orders      

If you plan to build a bunker within the area covered by the planning authority in Greater London, or if you plan to build bunkers in areas covered by more than one local authority within Greater London.

This provision is made to ensure proper planning of the city of London and areas around it.

Local Development Orders

The local planning authority may give planning permission for a specified development, such as your bunker.

All applications for planning permission go through the local authority’s consideration.

Before approving your bunker application, the local development authority will consider the impact on the land and neighborhood, as well as the feasibility of having such a structure.

It may revoke the order should you fail to follow the terms provided or alter the specifications that you provided when making the application.

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Next Steps

Once you are granted planning permission, you need to get a building approval where your designs, layouts, and related information are scrutinized for safety and that they follow the building code.

The local authority will also check if the bunker can hold the weight of the soil. After getting building approval, you can go ahead with building a bunker.

So, Can i build a bunker in my garden in the uk?

Yes, you can build a bunker in your garden in the UK however you will need planning permission and building regulation approval first as it’s an engineering operation.

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That’s The Planning Permission Needed To Build An Underground Bunker In The UK

Planning permission is essential when building a nuclear bunker anywhere in the UK.

You should ensure that a competent engineer does the designs and helps in meeting the specifications of the approval process.

Here is a summary of the process for getting planning permission in the UK.

  1. Get a structural engineer to design the bunker
  2. Hire a pre-application consultant
  3. Submission for Planning Permission
  4. Provision of Planning Permission

If you do not get your planning permission, the local authority will provide reasons for it.

You will need to make the necessary changes and apply for planning permission.

Always seek professional assistance when designing the bunker and throughout the planning permission application process.

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