Do You Need a Permit to Build an Underground Bunker?

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Underground bunkers may seem like a recent idea, but they have been built for decades, especially during the world wars.

Modern underground bunkers are emerging, and it is essential to consider any regulations as you plan to create your own.

I have already built an underground bunker, so I know some of the things you will go through to set it up successfully.

It is not complicated, and with dedication, you can build a unique bunker as fast as possible.

Since building underground bunkers has not gained so much popularity, there are no strict laws and building codes when you need to set up one.

But here are some of the few types of requirements and permits you may need to get started.

1. Digging Depth Permits

Anywhere you are in the world, you may get some regulation when you need to build anything. Even underground bunkers are no exception.

The types of permits you need will vary from country to country and state to state as well as counties.

Digging underground for anything always tends to have permits associated with it. Some areas have restrictions on how deep you can dig since factors such as geography come into play.

Sometimes digging depth permits are issued since you might cause accidents when you mess with underground infrastructures such as gas and power lines.

So depth permits are issued to restrict you on the number of feet you can dig underground.

2. Grading Permit

You may need to apply for a grading permit. This is a permit you will get if the bunker project you are doing may alter the topography of your property.

Since you will be doing excavations or fillings, some locations may require a grading permit first.

Some form of evaluation will need to be conducted on the property you plan to build your bunker on.

The assessment may check for the environmental sensitivity of the land and even consider the viable aspects of your underground bunker.

If all is fine, you will get issued the permit, and then you can get started if there isn’t any other permit needed.

3. Building Permit

Even if you are building underground, many locations will require you to have a building permit.

Since it is a construction project, the project will have to comply with the local laws and ensure nothing in the surrounding is affected negatively.

4. Discretionary Permit

This type of permit may be rare for underground bunkers, but it is essential to check if you need it.

It can be issued if your bunker project may significantly impact the area due to its design features or use.

If your location doesn’t have this sort of permit structure, you don’t have to follow up on it. Just start your project with the other necessary permits.

5. Plumbing Permit

You may not have thought that underground bunkers need plumbing systems, but they do at some level.

Setting such systems requires plumbing permits. The permit is necessary to make sure your plumbing system is compliant with the standards in your area.

6. Electrical Permit

Your bunker will need some power even when you take shelter due to a disaster or fallout of any sort.

It is better to set up some electrical systems that you can use in the future. Even if there will be no electricity during the disaster, you can still use the setup with battery power.

It is necessary to get an electrical permit first, which is mainly due to safety. Once your electrical plan is clear, you will get the license to start building your bunker.

Always check with your local authorities on what is needed to build such a structure.

Checking first hand will avoid any delays and disruptions so that you can build as fast as possible before a disaster strikes.

Do you need a permit to build an underground bunker?

So do you necessarily need a permit to build an underground bunker? The answer is yes, and it all depends on the location where you want to set up your bunker.

Here are some of the requirements and permits you will need before starting to build your underground bunker.

  1. Digging Depth Permit
  2. Grading Permit
  3. Building Permit
  4. Discretionary Permit
  5. Plumbing Permit
  6. Electrical Permit