5 Places I Can Download Underground Bunker Plans PDFs

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Are you looking for underground bunker plans? If so, you are not alone. I am often on the lookout for new places that offer bunker plans.

I’ve looked all over the internet and haven’t found any websites that offer as many free downloads of these blueprints as this one does.

You can find underground bunker designs, above-ground designs (perfect for those who want their fallback location).

This article will discuss five places where I can download underground bunker plans PDFs.

1. Atlas Survival Shelters

Atlas Survival Shelters designs not only underground bunkers but also above-ground structures.

They do sell bunkers for their customers, but they also offer free downloads of their underground bunker plans PDFs (in customization form).

This is why I like them the best because I can customize my own plans to suit my needs.

Atlas Survival Shelters has many models to choose from. But, my favorite is their Citadel series.

 It uses the same concept as the F.U.D.O.S.T.A. bunkers used in Fallout 4 video game on PlayStation 4.

It has the main door, second-level escape hatch, and a slide-down ladder to get even deeper underground (doesn’t everyone want a drop-down ladder?)

They have seven models of their bunkers, ranging from the basic B.O.X.E.S bunker to the more advanced Citadel series bunkers.

2. Survival Tunnel Systems

Survival Tunnel Systems is another team effort that has members in every part of the world.

I like this website because they list what equipment you will need to build your underground bunker.

They also interview people who have built their own shelters and share their experiences online.

Survival Tunnel Systems offers free PDF downloads for bunker designs, but they do not offer much customization.

This website is for those with little experience with technology because the bunker blueprints are quite large and hard to manipulate when it comes to resizing or modifying them.

3. DIY Bunkers

DIY bunkers is a team effort. They have many people from around the world who contributed to their blueprints and ideas.

I like this website because they offer free PDF downloads of all their underground bunker plans (in customization form).

When you download your plans, they give you a list of materials and equipment you will need to build your bunker. They also offer customizable floor plans and customization tips.

The only downside to this website is that they do not have as many underground bunker plans as other websites.

But, their main plan (the Taj Mahal) has over 76 different layouts possibilities (tiny house style). The Taj Mahal can fit 1-4 people comfortably.

They do have other models that you will need to buy the blueprints for, but they are still nice designs.

4. Survival Shelter Design

Survival Shelter Design is a blog dedicated to teaching people about bunkers and how they can be designed, constructed, and modified.

This website is for those of us who enjoy DIY projects. I like this website because they allow you to select your desired topography.

Some of the bunkers are in woodland areas, while others are on hillsides. This website offers free PDF downloads of bunker designs in a framing concept.

I think this blog is for those who may not be very handy with technology because the files are huge and hard to manipulate when it comes to modifying or resizing them.

5. The Basement Safety Company

The Basement Safety Company sells their own above-ground shelters, but they also offer free PDF downloads for underground bunkers.

 They have several floor plans to choose from, and customization options are available upon request.

They have a few videos that you can look at if you are still unsure about the type of underground bunker you want to build.

The Basement Safety Company doesn’t have the largest selection of bunkers, but they are still nice designs.

They also offer plans for survival shelters that are above ground for those who may not be able to bury themselves underground.


There you have seven great websites that offer free plans, blueprints, and other assistance on underground bunker building.

I hope this article helps you get started on your next great DIY project.

I know how it feels to be unprepared for an emergency situation; that’s why I’m presenting these articles full of survival information.

If the thought of something happening to your family makes you uneasy, then maybe it’s time you started prepping.