How to Close a Smith and Wesson Border Guard Knife

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Over the years, I have learned a few tricks for dealing with pocket knives. The most important is, always go for a knife that has a better safety mechanism.

A smith and Wesson border guard knife is a weapon that one carries around for defense. Therefore, it would be best to know how to close it whenever you are not using it.

In this article, you will learn tips on how to close a smith and Wesson border guard knife. Read on the article to find out more.

Guide on how to Close a Smith and Wesson Border Knife

Pockets knives are now a popular tool to carry around when performing outdoor activities. Anytime I take my wife and children out camping, I usually carry my Smith and Wesson border guard knife with me.

It is because I tend to get a little paranoid and carrying this knife relieves some tension that my family not even be aware I have. I believe in being always prepared for the worst.

This is because disasters and emergencies may strike at any time and you need to be ready when they do.

Dealing with a Smith and Wesson border guard pocket knife is not easy. It requires you to master the skill of closing it to prevent any injuries. Therefore, by closing it, you are caring for it and ensuring that it stays for a long time.

First, you will hold the knife using your dominant hand-whether the left or right- and make sure that the blade is facing the opposite direction from you.

These blades are usually sharp and you can easily injure yourself badly if you become careless with it. That is why it is advisable to point the blade away from you.

You will then use the thumb of the dominant hand and gently press on the blade. There is a release located at the back of the blade that looks like part of the knife.

Release the back of the blade when holding down the blade. And with the help of your non-dominant hand, gently close the blade towards the closed position.

To ensure that you have completely closed the blade, you will get a click sound inside the handle cavity.

The closing mechanism of a smith and Wesson border guard knife is usually robust and you will hardly ever find it unlocked by accident.

Such a knife will require carefully closing it, thus making them the best knives for intense tasks. Therefore, the knives can be extremely dangerous if you unintentionally fail to lock them.

More Information on Closing a Smith and Wesson Border Guard Knife

Smith and Wesson Border guard knives are ideal and safest to use because you are unlikely to close on your fingers when using them.

The knives are extremely sharp and when not careful, you might chop off your fingers. The locking blade is stiff. Therefore you can rotate the knife at different angles.

The back of the blade comes in handy too, as you can use it to fire spark without it bending or breaking.

During my camping trips, I have more than just a weapon with my smith and Wesson border guard knife. I can use it for fire sparking, opening tough packages or canned foods, and carving wood.

The knife is made from carbon, tool, and stainless steel material. All these materials are used to make the blade more durable and less likely to experience corrosion.

When it gets rust the blade is rendered unfunctional thus there is a need to look at the material of your bed as it is in contact with fluids. Thus, the blade is strong with good edge retention, making it more ideal for outdoor activities such as camping.


A smith and Wesson border guard knife is used for various rescue missions and it can come in handy for those who love taking part in outdoor adventures.

Closing a Smith and Wesson border guard knife is a simple process, but one needs to take extra caution when doing so. You need to adhere to the following to avoid any injuries:

  • Use your dominant hand to hold the knife in place and ensure that it is facing away from you.
  • Press gently on the blade using the thumb of your dominant hand.
  • Use your non-dominant hand to close the blade completely. You will hear a click sound that will confirm that you have closed the blade completely. Smith and Wesson’s pocket knives are very sharp. Therefore, they can cause accidents easily when you handle them carelessly.