Mora Bushcraft Knife VS Mora Garberg Knife

The Morakniv, commonly shortened to the Mora, is a Swedish folding hunting knife with an overall length of about 7 inches (18 cm).

It was designed by Fredrik Berglund and made by Ivarsson & Söner in Stockholm, Sweden and is always constructed in the Swedish village of Ostnor which has been the case for centuries.

The Mora knives are known as some of the best knives available today.

It is a great all-around tool that can be used for many different situations including camping, fishing, hiking, or as a general survival tool, with their versatility being what makes them so popular.

Being incredibly reliable and nifty, these knives can last a lifetime if taken care of properly

However there is more than one variant of Mora knives that each have their own unique features that make them better or worse depending on your situation and intention for using them.

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The Bushcraft and Garberg are two of the most common variants of Mora knives and both share similar design characteristics but differ slightly in size, weight and other areas.

These differences are very important when choosing between the two because they will affect how you use it and how comfortable the knife feels in your hand.

One can easily be different enough to not work well in a situation where the other would.

Below you can find all you need to know about the key differences between the two and what benefits they have over each other, so you can choose the best option of this traditionally loved knife.

Which Mora Knife Would I Choose?


Morakniv Garberg Carbon Steel Full-Tang Fixed-Blade Survival Knife With Poly Sheath, Black, 4.3 Inch

Choose this if you want a compact and modern looking knife, with a sleek and robust handle, with a high quality blade perfect for EDC.

The Mora Garberg is another version of the classic Mora design that was introduced in 2014.

This model has been redesigned to offer a more modern look and feel with a sleek handle that is easy to grasp.

The handles are constructed of robust ripstop nylon and are definitely the most notable feature of the Garberg that feels just right to anyone using one.

The blade itself is made of high quality stainless steel and offers a nice balance between strength and flexibility and is sharp enough for a variety of tasks including chopping wood, skinning animals or just opening cans.

The Garberg is also available as a folding knife, making it very portable and easy to bring along without having to sheath it each time.

Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday carry, and its lightweight design ensures that you won't have any trouble carrying it around wherever you go, making it a very popular option among knife enthusiasts who need a reliable option in case of some heavy cutting.


Morakniv Bushcraft Survival BlackBlade™ Fixed-Blade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade with Sheath and Fire Starter, Black, 4.3 Inch

Choose this if you want a classic Mora knife, with full tang, and excellent balance of weight and size and perfect for when out in the bush.

The Mora Bushcraft knife is one of the more popular versions of the classic Mora knife.

These knives feature a full tang construction that allows them to withstand heavy-duty cuts without breaking, making it very sturdy and perfect for cutting while camping.

Carving will also be a breeze with its sharpened carbon steel blades and comfortable ergonomic grip that grants you a good amount of accuracy for the smaller and more obscure cuts.

The Bushcraft knife also features an excellent balance between weight and size.

With a length of up to 6 inches and at only a few inches wide, it is small enough to fit easily in a pocket but large enough to still perform well.

A great Bushcraft knife is essential for anyone who enjoys backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or any other casual outdoor activity.

While it may not be the best option if you are planning a prolonged trip into the wild, for shorter activities it is definitely a good option, providing a safe and reliable way to make quick work of anything that comes across your path.

Key Differences Between Mora Bushcraft and Garberg Knives

Both blades are great options for anyone looking for a versatile knife that will remain reliable for years to come.

But there are some key differences that set them apart and make them slightly different in practicality.

Making sure you have the right blade is important, otherwise you could be spending far too much for a knife that won't cut through what you want it to or might be a tad too heavy for your backpacking journeys.


As mentioned before, the handle of the Garberg is incredibly unique and sets it apart not just from the Bushcraft, but from most other blades.

The Garberg handle is made from robust ripstop nylon, which both feels nice and is incredibly long-lasting.

Because of the robust polyamide it's designed with, you also won't need to worry about the handle collapsing in on you, since it is designed specifically to endure the impact.

The Mora Bushcraft handle in contrast is constructed with latex which is still nice to hold and will definitely give you a firm grip upon usage.

However it will not last anywhere near as long as the Garberg's polymeric material and is more likely to give out.


Another key difference is the blades, both Mora knives do have fixed blades making them perfect for cutting through branches and other materials.

However the Garberg blade is suited with a complete tang which will keep it sharper with constant usage for much longer.

Unlike the Bushcraft, the Garberg also does have a replaceable blade system so that you can swap out the blade when needed, making it even more durable.

The final key difference is how much each knife will cost.

While Mora Bushcraft knives can get quite pricey, especially for the more premium designs.

The Garberg is definitely the most costly, due to their superior materials and fully tang blade making them state of the art in terms of design.


The size also differs between both...

The Bushcraft is larger than the Garberg at 6 inches overall length compared to 5.5 inches for the Garberg.

However, the Bushcraft is also often quite a few inches wider than the Garberg.

Meaning it would be easier to fit into tight spaces such as pockets.

While the Garberg is smaller and lighter making it a lot easier to pack away.

The weight can also be a bit different...

The Bushcraft weighs 1.6 ounces.

While the Garberg only weighs 0.8 ounces.

And so is slightly lighter for those longer journeys where every bit of weight counts.

Which Is Better The Mora Bushcraft or The Mora Garberg?

While this would entirely be based on what you want to use the knife for that will judge how efficient it is.

In general the Mora Garberg is an improvement in most areas compared to the Bushcraft.

With the luxury grip and thicker design, the Garberg feels a lot more solid in hand.

Which will lead to your cuts being cleaner and stronger.

Not to mention the tang blade and rugged polyamide design covering the majority of the knife that will ensure the Garberg outlasts the Bushcraft by a considerable amount even after experiencing heavy usage over a long period.

In comparison to the stainless steel of the Bushcraft which can corrode over time with enough exposure to water and prolonged usage.

The carbon steel of the Garberg will never rust meaning you can have a sharp and reliable knife for far longer.

And won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your knife in some salt water.

The Bushcraft is certainly still a sharp and reliable option.

They have been around for decades and are still very popular today and should be the go-to option if you want something quite simple and much more affordable.

However, if you want something a little more robust and durable, then the Garberg is definitely the way to go.

What Is A Mora Knife?

Mora knife is a type of folding knife that is usually made from high carbon steel and is often referred to as a "Swedish" style knife.

They were first developed in the 1800s and became extremely popular in the 1900s due to their reliability and ease of use.

This popularity led to many variations of the original design, and some of the most popular ones include the Bushcraft and Garberg.

Both of these variants are still produced today and are considered classics among knife enthusiasts.

You can tell a Mora knife by its handle shape, blade profile, and overall appearance.

The handle shape is generally round or oval and is covered in either leather or plastic, and the blade profile is usually rounded at the end and flat along the spine.

The blades are also thinner and longer than a standard folder.

Mora knives can be used for cutting purposes and are great for outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hunting.

However they are also ideal for everyday tasks and work such as opening cans, slicing bread and even construction.

This is one of the biggest features of Mora knives and what makes them so popular, their versatility.

They may have been traditionally designed for outdoorsmen, but since then have gone on to become common tools for people in all different fields ranging from chefs, to mechanics, to carpenters.

They are able to achieve this by not only having sturdy blades and grips, ensuring they remain suitable for most situations.

But also because they are able to open and close quickly without much effort.

You simply pull back on the thumb studs located on the side of the handles and then push forward to lock the blade into place.

Making them great options for beginners and experienced knife users alike for how effective but also simple and safe these knives are to use.

Why Use A Mora Knife?

There are many reasons why someone would want to carry around a Mora knife instead of a regular folder.

Some of the main reasons include:

1) Reliability - If you're going out into the woods and need to cut yourself free from a tree branch or something similar, then having a Mora knife with you will help ensure that you don't lose your knife while trying to get free.

You won't have to worry about losing your knife or spending time looking for it, since it will always be right next to you.

2) Ease Of Use - Since Mora knives are designed to be simple to open and close, they are much easier to use than folders, which require multiple steps to use properly.

It takes less effort and time to open and close a Mora knife than it does to do the same thing with a folder.

3) Durability - Since Mora knives aren't made of exotic materials, they tend to hold up better against the elements than a folder.

They are designed to provide you with at least a few years of good service, however this can be extended to much longer with proper care and maintenance.

The blades on Mora knives are also designed specifically to stay sharp so while you must always be careful to sheath or lock it when not in use, for cutting purposes it will not falter after just a few months of usage.

Downsides To Mora Knives

It may seem that Mora knives are the perfect option for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable knife and while they are a popular option among knife enthusiasts, there are some downsides to using them.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that many people believe that because of the price tag that the quality is poor, however this couldn't be further from the truth.

Mora knives are generally considered to be one of the best options available today, and while they are expensive, they are made to last and will provide years of service.

However, like any product there are always going to be issues and problems with every single model produced.

And although Mora makes sure to try and fix any problems before releasing new models, sometimes things just don't work out.

This means that you might find yourself having to send back your knife for repair or replacement which could end up costing you money and time and while this is rare.

It can hurt even worse because of how expensive they can be.

Other Types Of Mora Blades

Always consider looking into some of the other options in the Mora family as well, such as the Makita style blades, which are similar to the Bushcraft but offer a different feel and look.

And the Kydex blades which are designed specifically for outdoor activities and are extremely tough.

The makita is a classic style blade that has a unique shape and look that isn't found on any other type of knife.

It's easy to sharpen and maintain and offers a lot of versatility when compared to other types of blades.

It is an excellent all-around knife that can be perfect if you're looking for something versatile and durable similar to the Mora knives, but with a bit of a unique design and look to it.

If you want a more traditional look, then you should also check out the full tang blades, which are very common among hunters and outdoorsmen.

They are great for hunting and fishing and are often used for skinning and butchering game.

So whether you're looking for something rugged and dependable or something a little bit more stylish, the various other Mora knives are definitely worth checking out.

As mentioned above, though, there are plenty of other options available and so it really comes down to what exactly you're looking for.

Where To Buy A Mora Knife?

Mora knives can easily be purchased online, they are more often than not made of top quality materials and have an expected delivery rate of between 2-3 weeks.

Alternatively, you can buy them at most major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others.

Check the latest prices here...

This way, you can pick up a good quality knife at a reasonable price, however if it is a specific knife with certain additions you are looking for, shopping online can save you money and give you peace of mind knowing that you won't receive anything less than what was advertised.

It is also heavily advised to only buy from reputable retailers, so you can ensure you are getting the best and promised quality for what you paid for.

This should especially be the case if you are purchasing multiple items at once, and will make sure you get the best possible experience and value for your money.

Mora Garberg Knife vs Mora Bushcraft Knife

If you're looking for a knife that's going to last for years and years to come, then the Mora is definitely the way to go.

And with so many variants it really is up to you what particular kind of knife you want for your own particular situation.

Both the Bushcraft and Garberg Mora knives are excellent choices and if you decide on either of these two models.

You'll be sure to get exactly what you need and nothing less...

However for the more long-lasting, sturdy and reliable option that you can rely on with no hesitation, definitely consider the Mora Garberg knife.

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