5 Effects if a country is attacked by EMP weapons

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EMP is a nuclear electromagnetic pulse which is a burst of electromagnetic radiation which is caused by a nuclear explosion.

The explosion will result in a variety of electromagnetic and magnetic fields that combine with electrical and electronic systems.

It produces a current which is damaging and also causes voltage surges.

If a nuclear EMP weapon gets ignited above the earth’s surface, it will be known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse abbreviated as HEMP.

Characteristics of electromagnetic pulse weapons.
Nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons have three main components include

  1. E1
  2. E2
  3. E3


It is the fastest component of a nuclear EMP since it has intense electromagnetic fields.
E1 causes most of the damage in that it plays a role in the electrical breakdown to voltages.


It is produced by scattered gamma rays and inelastic gammas that neutrons generate.
It also disintegrates between one microsecond to one second after the explosion.


It is slightly different from E1 and E2 since it has a much slower pulse.
It disintegrates between ten seconds to one hundred seconds.

Effects of nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons.

1. Destruction of Human Life and Property

In case, an incident has it will cause massive death and destruction will trigger the displacement of individuals.

2. Blast effects

The high-pressure wave produces a blast wave.
It is rapidly traveling as compressed air causes shock.

3. Thermal effects

The temperatures of the blast reach very levels.
It is compared to the temperatures of the interior of the sun.
It causes skin burns and eye injuries.

4. Radiation effects

The effects of radiation are felt even after long periods after the blast.
The initial radiation causes a small portion of initial deaths.
The long-term effects cause deformities to human autonomy.

5. The long-term effects

The radioactive elements that are released into the atmosphere cause long-term effects on the climate.
The radioactive elements can cause cancers.

The need to be paranoid with the current times.

With different nations today trying to show their military superiority as new technologies are emerging with fatal effects.

Explosions usually cause significant damage to both life and properties.
The blast emits heat and radiation, and therefore, vital to keep your family safe.

It is vital to instill them with knowledge of what they should do if such a scenario occurs.

I happen to be a father and husband. It has been my primary role to ensure the safety of my family is always guaranteed.

It is without a doubt right to be paranoid since the effects of this can be fatal. I, therefore, came up with a routine where I educate my family so that they become prepared for any disaster or even emergency.

Survival skills in Case of an Incident

My family’s experience has been positive since it is easy and safe to learn these skills since they can come in handy at any given moment.

I usually personally arrange camps for my family where we practice the following:

1. Starting a Fire

  • Keeping warm is crucial so that our bodies can function well.
  • It is also essential since we shall cook using the heat from the fire.
  • I will have to admit that it is not an easy experience since sometimes the weather is unfavorable while in some cases we usually have very few supplies to start the fire.
  • The process requires patience and practice.

2. Sourcing for water

  • Water is essential for anyone’s survival
  • Sourcing water can also be difficult since natural sources are not always hygienic.
  • Purification of water is done by boiling
  • You can also build a solar still

3. Sourcing for Food

  • There are many edible wild plants, which is an advantage.
  • You need to be careful since certain plants can be very toxic.

4. Making a Weapon

  • You need to make a weapon for some defence against predators.
  • I have also been buying survival toys to be cautious.

5. Building a Shelter

  • First, identify a place where you can erect a structure.
  • Consider the terrain and also the season.
  • Start by learning how to erect a tarp tent.


Learning these skills may not seem to be significant.
It is vital since the future is unpredictable.