4 Best Wood For Campfires

Staying warm during your camping trip is crucial. To build a steady campfire, you need wood like oak and ash.

These are the best types of wood that will burn for a long time.

You can buy the wood before your trip or at the campsite.

If you are permitted, you can also look for the woods in the wild.

I always find it adventurous, and it gives me a chance to learn more survival skills.

With that said, these are the best woods for a campfire.

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1) Oak

Oak is arguably the best wood for campfires. That is why it’s more expensive than the other woods.

But the benefits are worth every coin.

Assuming its seasoned, dry hardwood, it will provide substantial heat.

The wood is also easily accessible; campers can buy it anywhere.

Oak burns very slowly, which produces steady heat. You won’t have to keep adding wood to sustain the campfire.

You will also enjoy little to no spark when you use oak. Sparks can be beautiful at night, but they are also very annoying and dangerous.

They force you to keep a distance from the fire, which means you will not enjoy the maximum heat from the fire pit.

With oak, you will enjoy nature while being warm regardless of the season.

The one thing you have to do is get dry oak wood.

2) Ash

Ash is tough wood but very lightweight making it ideal for camping.

If you can’t access oak, this should be your second choice.

There are approximately fifty different species of ash. They all make excellent firewood, especially for a camping expedition.

One of the best advantages of using ash is how they burn quickly. Starting a fire at a campsite can be very challenging.

But when you have ash, it gets a bit easier.

Aside from burning quickly, the wood doesn’t produce much smoke and retains very minimal moisture.

Unlike most types of wood, ash can burn even when it’s green. So if you find them lying around the campsite, you can use them to start a fire.

White ash is considered the best among all the different species.

3) Black Cherry

Black cherry is also a viable candidate for camping.

It produces only a moderate amount of sparks and minimal smoke.

Although it has a little more smoke than some of the other options on the list. But it’s still a reasonable choice.

You will not suffocate the whole camping site when you use this wood.

There is also the fact that splitting black cherry is a breeze.

The amount of heat it produces also makes it suitable for a campfire. It’s more ideal for a spring or summer camping trip.

The main reason why black cherry is a popular choice among campers is the delightful aroma.

Most camp kitchens use this wood to roast meat because it will add flavour.

So if you will be cooking with wood on your next trip, carry black cherry.

4) Maple

Just like oak, maple wood is very dense and hard to chop. But once you spit them, they provide powerful flames.

There are different types of maple you can choose from. Small amounts of smoke make maple ideal for camping.

I would recommend the red maple because it sustains a lengthy campfire.

You should not go for wood that only burns for a few minutes.

You will spend all your time in the fire pit instead of enjoying the outdoors.

You can use the leftover ember for cooking quick meals.

They are a bit heavy to carry, especially logs, and they need assistance to light up.

But when you have the right equipment, there is nothing to worry about.

Sugar maple is notoriously hot. It’s more suitable for the cold seasons.

It can keep you warm for a very long time when it’s freezing outside.

Best Types of Wood For Campfires

Oak is one of the best woods you can use to build a campfire.

All the woods have their good and bad qualities, but they deliver when it comes to the job.

To remind you, these are the best woods for a campfire

  1. Oak
  2. Ash
  3. Black cherry
  4. maple