5 Reasons For Survival Kit, Why Do I Need One?

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Everyone needs a survival kit around them whether they anticipate an extreme situation or not.

If you get to live as long as I have, you get to learn a thing or two about the importance of always being prepared.

Throughout my life, I have been in a number of extreme and life-threatening situations that could have turned out worse if I hadn’t been at all prepared.

If you’ve ever experienced an earthquake, wildfire or hurricane then you know what I mean.

Disaster has a tendency of striking when least expected and it is prudent to have a survival kit with you. The next time you are thinking of going camping or hiking you should ask yourself, ‘Am I prepared for a disaster?’

Here’s why you need a survival kit

If you’re like me and you enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking then you know how useful a survival kit can be.

Oftentimes, hiking trips go well and people rarely see the importance of having a survival kit. A few years ago, my friend and I went camping.

Careful as I always am, I remembered to bring a survival kit with me even though nearly all of the camping trips I went on had no disastrous incidences.

This day in particular, my friend fell and bruised his knee badly when we went to gather some firewood.

If it wasn’t for the headlamp I had in my survival kit, I doubt we would have made it back to camp safely. If you value your safety, below are other reasons why you need a survival kit?

1. Gives you peace of mind

In the event of a disaster, you always want to have the right supplies with you. Survival kits comprise of multiple equipment that serve to keep you alive until you receive help or get rescued.

Having being in multiple disastrous situations, I know for a fact that the first 72 hours after a disaster has occurred can be very stressful especially if you or one of your friends is injured.

When you have survival kits with you, you can increase your chances of making it out of a disastrous situation since you have the right supplies. Stress often lowers your chances of survival in an extreme situation and having a survival kit with you can give you much piece of mind.

2. Helps you tackle different kinds of disasters

Having lived this long, I have been in multiple extreme situations and one thing I have come to terms with is the fact that disaster can happen anywhere and at any time.

It is nearly impossible to foresee all possible disasters but it is possible to prepare against most of them.

When you have a survival kit, you automatically increase your chances of surviving different types of extreme situations. The contents of a typical survival kit are often enough to prevent various illnesses and perform basic first aid. Whether you are in school, at work or travelling, a survival kit can help you survive almost any disaster.

3. Supplies can be reused

A typical survival kit often contains items such as water, essential medication, signaling and illumination devices. Survival kits contain supplies that often last long and can be used again and again.

Survival kit items such as locator beacons and illumination devices such as headlamps can be recharged and used again. This means that when you purchase a survival kit, you don’t have to constantly worry about replacing its contents whenever you’re carrying it with you.

4. Helps save time

Survival kits are usually lightweight and can therefore be easily transported or carried. This is a good thing particularly because in evacuations since it allows you to not only speed up the evacuation process but also bring useful supplies.

I was once trapped inside a mine I went to see and the only reason I survived is because one of the mine workers had a survival kit with him. My leg was broken and the tunnels were extremely dark.

With the help of a headlamp in the survival kit, I was eventually carried to safely by the mine worker and he had no trouble carrying the lightweight survival kit.

5. Significantly improves your survival odds

It is not wise to count on favorable weather in extreme situations. There are times when the weather can make an emergency situation worse and the only thing that can help when that happens is a survival kit.

For example, when you are in an extreme situation and it starts to rain, you’ll require something to keep you warm. A blanket is an essential feature in any survival kit and it can improve your chances of survival until you get rescued.

Why Do I Need A Survival Kit?

By now, it should be apparent that a survival kit is necessary regardless of whether you anticipate danger or not. Some of the reasons you require a survival kit include:

  1. Gives you piece of mind
  2. Helps you tackle different kinds of disaster
  3. Its contents can be reused
  4. Helps save time
  5. Significantly improves your survival odds

The key take away here is that disasters have a tendency of occurring when least expected.
For you to increase your chances of getting rescued or making it to safety, a survival kit is necessary.
You ought to invest in a high-quality survival kit as soon as possible.