Prepper vs Minimalist, What’s The Difference?

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Most human beings have the tendency to prepare for an unknown future.

It is a survival instinct that most people have therefore; they do this by saving up supplies for times in future when they may need them. This is a typical behaviour that you can easily identify Preppers with

Minimalists on the other have a different belief to what preppers do. They believe that in life you should have very few possessions. They would rather have a few quality items that will serve them whenever need arises than have plenty which may appear cumbersome

Whether you are a minimalist or a prepper, it does not matter as long as it pleases you and you do not get to hurt other people.

Therefore, in this article, you will go through information on the differences between minimalists and preppers. Read on to find out more.

Differences between Preppers and Minimalistic

Life is full of surprises; so you may choose to either learn to live improvising natural resources around you and learning how to survive with less or you may alternatively choose to have enough in store in case a disaster decides to strike.

Either way, the approach you choose will depend on what your values and beliefs are. Here are some differences between these two personalities.

  1. Experienced Preppers are Wise for Consumerism

It takes a lot discipline for a prepper to avoid getting their hands on any single item that is on sale.

Even though they have an instinct to always more than enough so that the circumstances and misfortunes of the future does not find them unaware.

It can become challenging for them if they lack the discipline and experience to resist the urge of purchasing items aimlessly. At the end of the day, their idea is to have enough ‘’just in case.
Minimalists have a different idea however.

They do not wish to go without basic necessities but what makes them entirely different from preppers is that, they only shop for that which is necessary.

They usually tighten their focus to avoid wasting resources and that is why most of their choices are deliberate.

  1. Minimalists live a life Free from Duplicity

Living a life of duplicity is not usually an intentional choice but most people do. An individual may have different personalities when around different

people. For instance, when around family, they will possess different qualities and the same will apply when around their peers, co-workers and neighbours.

Therefore, to maintain the different images that they have created to their employers, they will need to have certain things that are cornered around the demands of those around them. This is basically the life of a prepper.

They constantly need to blend in most of the time.

Since minimalists live simple lives, they do not have a problem with consistency despite the situation at hand.

They can comfortably handle whatever life throws at them at any given time without feeling the need to be different people all together. Their lives are reliable, consistent, unfluctuating and dependable. They are confident enough to live honest and transparent lives.

  1. It is Easy to Achieve a Minimalist Lifestyle

You will realise that it is cheaper to life a simple life without having to worry so much about what may happen tomorrow.

Minimalists’ life a content life, they do not go out of their way to have certain things. You do not have to be rich or have assets in different location for you to live this kind of lifestyle.

You use all the available resources that nature puts at your disposal and try as much as you can to be comfortable and content with it.

On the other hand, a prepper lives quite the opposite life.

They may have two houses or even a banker filled with food and all other necessities to last them couple of years in case a calamity decides to strike.

They go out of their way to have enough in store as they are afraid to lack. They live a life full of fear and uncertainties and even though being prepared for the future is a good thing; they in turn end up spending more than they have.

  1. Minimalism is Intentionality

Unlike preppers, minimalists spend their lives making the most out of what they have.

They try to enjoy life without making it look complicated. Their intention is to focus on what they value most and totally eliminate that which distracts.

They focus more on their values and passions thus improving most aspects of their lives.

Preppers are quite different because the fear of what will happen next prevents them from fully enjoying life most of the time.

However, being prepared also saves them from a whole load of misfortunes that occur because life cannot always be perfect.

Minimalists vs Preppers

The main idea between preppers and minimalists is efficiency and intentionality. When you ignore any other factors, you will realise that these two ideologies are based on these key principles

. Therefore, in the long run, they can peacefully co-exist with one another regardless.