How To Open A Locked Window With A Knife

Our homes are among the places that we hope are safe and can get rest anytime that you want.

However, it can be frustrating if you cannot open your window for natural ventilation.

Therefore, it is important to know how to open a window without having to break it.

It sounds very easy, right?

This task is not that easy because there are various types of locks and they function differently.

And you cannot comprehend how all window locks work.

Fortunately, in this article, I will explain how to open the common window locks with the help of a knife.


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Guide on How to Open a Locked Window with a Knife

A locked sash window

Use a knife to scratch off the groove that is positioned between the frame and the sash.

If your window fails to open, try out the second step.

Insert your knife between the sash and the window frame. Using a hammer, hit gently on the knife.

Do this on the gap located in the middle of the frame and the sash. If nothing still happens, proceed to the next step.

Move outside to the window’s back and place a pry bar under the windowsill.

Then put a wooden block right under the bar and gently hit it with a hammer.

Repeat this process around the entire windowsill.

Once the window opens, take a sandpaper and smoothen the edges and surfaces.

Apply paraffin or beeswax on the tracks to stick them together.

A locked casement window

Use a knife to scratch off the dry paint between the sash and window frame.

Using a hammer, gently hammer the knife’s end to get to the deep part of the window. Scratch the outer part as well.

Wrap a towel on a block of wood then press it on the sash.

Hit the block with the hammer and keep hitting until all the debris has shaken off.

Keep repeating this process around the entire window to remove anything that could be holding it.

Put the head of your knife in the space between the sash and the frame.

Then bend that knife and pry the window open with it. Do this all around the window that you intend to open.

Use two knives to intensify the effect to force the seal to break. Grasp the sash lock with pliers and try pulling it as you jamb the window.

Once you complete this process, you will notice that the hinges will be loose enough to move.

You can then apply lubricant on the window hinges and secure all the loose screws.

If they’re rusty, consider changing them immediately.

Also, lubricate those hinges to decrease friction when they’re turned.

Take a sandpaper and smoothen the surfaces and edges of this section. Apply candle wax and vanish to avoid further sticking.

Using A Knife To Open A Locked Window

The process of opening a locked window with a knife is one that involves little but creative skills.

Once you understand how a locked window can be opened, you will no longer fear this problem.

The important thing here is to understand how different types of locks work.

With patience and the appropriate tools, you can open your locked window.