How to Make a Butterfly Knife Out Of Pens

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The butterfly knife is used as a utility blade and for self-defense. It’s mainly used as a weapon rather than a tool.

However, if you are a survivalist, it can be a valuable tool in many ways. I tried making the knife severally until I finally got it right.

If you are up for some DIY, you can make the knife from scratch with a pen or a pencil. It may take a few trials, or you might get it right the first time.

Follow these simple steps and try to make the butterfly knife.

Step 1: Gather All the Needed Items

To make this process easy, collect all the recommended items in one place before you begin. Setting up your workplace is the start of a successful DIY project. These are the items you need:

  • Two small screws, I would recommend anything between ¼ to ½
  • Screwdriver and a knife
  • A pen
  • A long stick or a dowel
  • Tape
  • Two plastic pieces

Ensure the dowel or stick you use has a bigger diameter to enclose the pen better. That will help make your knife more compact.

If you wish to decorate the knife after making it, get a marker. You can get different colors if you want to go all out with decorating.

Step 2: Attach Your Pen to the Plastic Pieces

Take your pen and put it between the two plastic pieces, and tape it there. The plastic pieces are where your screws will go.

You can get plastic with holes on them, or you can drill the holes based on the sizes of your screws. A picture of a butterfly knife should be your guide.

If you look at the picture, you will understand the size of plastic you need to have, how to attach the pen and where to create holes for your screws.

They decide how stable your butterfly knife is going to be. Fasten the pen tightly with tape between the two pieces.

Any kind of tape except scotch tape will be okay.

Step 3: Make The Handles

After fastening the pen, the next step will be to make the handles. There are so many ways you can create handles. I encourage you to be a bit adventurous.

I think sticks are a bit of work; you need a larger stick so that you can carve out the inside. Some dowels come with holes already, which makes them easy to use.

The actual butterfly knife encloses the blade almost completely. You have to try and recreate the same thing.

If you are using a stick, ensure it’s straight and larger than your pencil. Divide the stick into two equal parts and drive a screw into each end of the two sticks.

Once your screw is all the way through the dowel or sticks, you can take them up. If there are any split parts, you should tape them together.

However, your tape can hide the hole you just finished creating. After you are done taping the stick, poke a hole on the tape to match the one on your stick.

Do that to both sticks before proceeding to the next step.

Instead of the stick or dowel, you can attempt using the plastic outer part of a pen. But it is usually a bit short, and you will have trouble creating a hole with the screw.

Step 4: Attach the Handles to the Plastic

You are almost getting to the finish line now. Take the plastic piece you attached your pen on and start connecting your stick or dowel handles.

Slide the stick to the side of the plastic and ensure the holes on the plastic pieces and stick are perfectly matching. You can make corrections if you notice some imperfections with the hole.

I would advise you to widen the holes a little to reduce friction when the knife moves around. It will help your handles moves with ease when in use.

Once the holes are aligned, put the screws through the holes. At this point, your knife should be coming together and looking like the real thing.

The holes on your stick should be closer to the edge if you don’t want the handles to spin all the way around and hit your pen every time.

You can decorate the handles with a sharpie if you want. It will hide the tapes and give your knife a uniform look. You may also want to decorate the pen that is acting as your blade. You can also use a pencil instead of a pen for the blade.

Here Is How You Make a Butterfly Knife Out Of Pens

Step 1: Gather all the needed items

Step 2: Attach your pen to the plastic pieces

Step 3: Make the handles

Step 4: Attach the handles to the plastic