What is the Civil Defense Volunteers of Utah?

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The Civil Defense Volunteers of Utah is a volunteer-based emergency response organization. It is tasked with providing support for frontline emergency services.

Here is an example: evacuating people during severe weather and searching for missing people.

In addition, the organization also carries out community support services such as the provision of first aid during local and national events.

Here is an example: In the case of war or natural catastrophe, the local authorities and defense forces may be overwhelmed by the need to support the local community.

This is where the civil defense volunteers come into place to support the services offered by other authorities.

The organization also carries out a passive defense. This is a kind of defense where participants restore communities and production after a halt or destruction from war.

Production is essential in any war, and if it ceases, the war is lost.

This organization operates under the Department of Defense.

Other services such as search and rescue, medical response, and emergency response are delivered via local authorities in Utah.

Each of these departments has a civil defense officer who oversees the recruitment and organization of the volunteers. Besides, the officer acts as a link between the local authority, the community, and the volunteer.

How Do I Become a Civil Defense Volunteer?

You can be part of the civil defense organization by contacting the organizing officer in Utah.

You will find information on the same on the state of Utah website and your local authorities.

There will be an enrollment form that you must fill out before undergoing Garda vetting.

The only requirement for joining the organization is that you must be at least 18 years of age by the date of enrolment.

The association of volunteers is comprised of individuals from all walks of life, sharing a common goal of keeping themselves prepared.

Besides, the organization is supported by the annual contributions of its members and partners.

Therefore, membership in the organization is free and available to anyone that would like to join.

However, if you wish to donate, your donations are fully appreciated and tax-deductible. You can find more information about donations by visiting the official Utah government page.

Civil Defense Training Programs

Once volunteers join the civil defense program, they undergo specialized training to enable them to handle various situations that may come their way.

The training is based on the area where the volunteer will be operating. Here are some of the areas where volunteers train.

Medical and health services: Volunteers train on how to carry out emergency health assistance, stabilize patients, and deal with a variety of health threats such as biological and chemical attacks.

Weapon training: The team learns how to handle various weapons and their effects on the general public.

It also forms an auxiliary police force that helps put out fires and demolish buildings destroyed by bombings.

Industrial protection training: It helps protect industrial plants against sabotage, fire, and other dangers.

Other areas of training include child care, general community welfare, sheltering, radiation, food storage, EMP and power failure, agriculture, and counseling.

Each specialized training integrates with others to sustain the community if the established system fails due to a disaster or war.

Anyone can join the academy and receive training in any of the above areas.

Preparedness for the worst is a vital survival strategy for any society. Besides, being able to tell what you should do when a particular occurrence happens may help mitigate the issue and save a life.

The Utah organization is one of many around the country that keeps the community ready to face any disaster at hand.

Joining them also enhances your survival skills, thereby increasing your chances of survival in the worst conditions known to man.


The Civil Defense Volunteers of Utah is a disaster preparedness organization that helps its members stay alert and be ready to handle disasters in their community.

Anyone can join the organization as long as they are at least 18 years of age.

Besides, while the organization accepts donations from individuals, membership is free for life.

You learn about various issues in a disaster, including emergency response, rescue, food storage, dealing with EMP, radiation, and evacuations, among many others.

It is a perfect community to hold the organization together when all else fails.