The 5 Best Defense Batons For When Danger Strikes!

Unfortunately, it’s still very common for people to feel unsafe when they’re out alone after dark.

Being equipped to defend yourself has become an even higher concern for many, but guns aren’t everyone’s first choice.

Even just the knowledge that you’re not totally unprepared should anyone attack you can be comforting, and in the worst-case scenario, it can be the difference between getting away to safety or potentially being seriously harmed.

Self-defense batons are a popular and budget-friendly alternative to guns that you can use when you feel under threat to defend yourself or your home with non-lethal force.

We’ve reviewed five of the best options available for you to compare and consider so that you can protect yourself at all times.

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Cold Steel (92BSTZ) Brooklyn Shorty Mini Bat, Black

If you’re hoping to deter your attacker before they even approach you then the Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Mini Bat is a great choice, as it’s enough to put off any potential assailant.

And if all else fails, it’ll certainly help you defend yourself.

Manufactured using heavy-duty steel and high-grade polypropylene.

You’ll have some serious impact with a swing of this bat and can use it to get away from the threat safely.

They’re much stronger than traditional bats and you won’t have to worry about cracks or wear and tear.

They’re also highly resistant to weather damage. 

It’s 24 inches in length, you can defend yourself without the attacker getting too close to you.

It probably won’t fit in your purse, but it’s not so big that it is cumbersome to travel with.

It’s ideal to take on truck trips or as a nightside bed table companion.

Most people will have little to no trouble swinging a bat, so it’s an easy, simple, defense mechanism that can protect you when you’re in danger.

With this in your corner, this bat can help you feel more confident and give you a greater sense of security when you’re alone.


  • Lightweight 

  • Easy to use 

  • Good size and length. 

  • Durable materials 

  • Weather-resistant 

  • Great deterrent to potential attackers 


  • Not easily concealed


No products found.

This is one of the smallest options we’ve included in this list, but that’s not to say that it can’t deliver a powerful blow to an attacker from a close distance.

It’s great if you’re looking for a self-defense baton you can easily conceal.

As it’ll inconspicuously attach to your keyring.

It’s also easily transportable thanks to the keyring attachment.

So you can carry it with the rest of your keys and not worry about losing it or struggling to carry it separately.

When using it, you can hold it firmly in your hand to strike so it’s easy to use. 

However, its size does mean that you’ll only be able to use it at close range.

The strong yet lightweight aluminum is 5 inches in length and overall it’s around 6.3-inches long.

The cylindrical design won’t pierce clothing if kept in your pocket.

But it’ll be useful to deliver a blunt, powerful blow to an attacker if you’re in trouble. 

It’s super affordable so it’s a no-brainer if you’re concerned about your safety and you’re in need of something discreet yet effective to protect yourself. 


  • Highly affordable option 

  • Easily carried and concealed

  • Useful keyring attachment 

  • Made of strong but lightweight aluminum 

  • Can also be used as a window breaker 


  • It Will only be useful at close range and won’t be an obvious deterrent to a potential attacker

  • May not be allowed in places where weapons are banned


No products found.

Next up, we have this IMSHI multi-functional baseball baton which can be used as a self-defense weapon as well as to break car windows.

It’s reasonably priced and it’s well-made, so you can count on it not to fall apart when you need it. 

It’s manufactured using stainless steel which is strong and rust-resistant.

And there’s a PP cotton non-slip grip at the base of the baton.

This is comfortable in your hand and protects you against rebound as well as making it easier to control your swing.

It’s 20 inches long so you can defend yourself without having to let the assailant get too close.

And it may be enough to deter them by sight alone, although its size does make it harder to conceal which is something to consider.

The stick part of the baton is hollow so it’s pretty lightweight

But it also means you can add sand or permanent filler if you want it to be heavier so it carries more weight if you should need to use it defensively.


  • Reasonably priced
  • PP cotton non-slip grip at the base of the baton 
  • Good size and length for defending yourself at a short distance
  • Lightweight 
  • Can add sand or filler to the hollow baton to add weight if desired


  • Not extendable 
  • Not easily concealed 
  • Delivery can take a while


No products found.

With the next option we have on our list, you get 12 tools in one so you can use this baton for survival as well as self-defense.

These include a flint scraper, hammer, compass, whistle, paracord, bottle/can opener, Phillips/Slotted screwdriver, hex wrenches, camping utensils, and a glass breaker. 

It’s great if you’re a hiker or camper and you’re looking for something to deter any wild animals that you come across on your path.

And it’s a useful little tool that can be used for a number of different purposes. 

You can extend the baton by combining the split sections, but you’ll have to re-assemble it this way

And therefore it cannot be extended at a moment’s notice like one that extends by pressing a button or switch. 

It does however make it easy to carry and you can conceal it while you’re traveling, which may be an advantage to you.

There’s a free replacement or 100% money-back guarantee if you decide that it’s not up to your standards within 30 days of purchase. 


  • 12-in-one multi-functional tool can be useful in multiple situations

  • Can be extended to be used for self-defense.

  • Can be used to deter wild animals.  

  • Easy to carry when disassembled 

  • 100% money-back guarantee or replacement within 30 days 


  • You get what you pay for in terms of quality 
  • Self-defense isn’t its main purpose 
  • Can’t extend quickly in an emergency


Hickory Stick2

Last on our list, we have the Hickory Stick 2 self-defense baton, which is super simple, super affordable, and super effective.

It’s made of hardwood hickory so it’s incredibly durable and it’s pretty thick with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

It’s not too heavy to hold but there’s a reasonable amount of weight to it in your hand.

And it’s enough to deliver a heavy blow to any assailant.

It’ll have to be at close range, as it’s only 17.8 inches in length and it doesn’t extend any further.

This does make it slightly difficult to conceal, although it’ll probably fit in your bag if you need to travel with it. 

There are grooves going up the handle which makes it easier to grip and have more control over the baton's movement.

But some customers complain that the handle is a little too high up to be held comfortably, and it can be slightly thick for people with smaller hands to hold.

Another useful feature that makes it harder to drop the baton or to accidentally release it when you swing is the nylon strap that goes around your wrist.

For such a great price, it’s an easy way to defend yourself from attackers or aggressive dogs. 


  • Effective self-defense tool 
  • Not too heavy to carry.
  • Good grip thanks to grooved handle
  • Nylon lanyard to prevent dropping the baton 


  • The handle is quite thick which might be harder for smaller hands to grip 
  • Not extendable
  • Not easily concealed

Best Defense Baton Buying Guide

When you’re buying anything for self-defense purposes, you need to be confident that it will help protect you when you need it most.

That’s why we’ve taken a lot of care in researching and selecting options for you to consider.

Now you’ve seen five of the best self-defense batons that are currently available, but you might still be asking yourself one question...

Why should you get a self-defense baton?

  1. You can protect yourself from attackers using non-lethal force which is great for people who feel less comfortable carrying guns.

  2. Expandable batons allow you to defend yourself from a distance and you can find ones that extend to up to 31 inches.

    This means that you don’t need to be too close to an attacker in order to use your baton and it is still effective from afar.

  3. Their super simple design means you don’t need to carry any additional equipment to use your baton, for example, ammunition or batteries.

    At most you could get a holster for your baton, but even this may not be necessary.

  4. You can easily carry and conceal a baton which is great in the context of self-defense when you may not want your attacker to know you’re prepared.

    They don’t take up much space when in the locked position, so you can conceal them in a bag or glove box for easy carrying. You can even find extendable self-defense batons that can be attached to your keychain.

  5. Extendable batons are typically pretty lightweight but they can pack a fair bit of power, so they’re capable of temporarily disarming or disabling an attacker.

    They might only weigh around 9 ounces themselves, but when wielded with a certain amount of pressure, they can inflict the same amount of damage as if they were 30 pounds, so they’re a small but mighty self-defense tool.  

Size and Adjustability

The first thing to consider when choosing a baton for self-defense is what sort of size you’re looking for.

Do you want something you can easily travel with and keep hidden in your bag or pocket, or are you happy to hold a larger baton in your hand?

Expandable batons are highly popular because they can be adjusted when you need to use the baton for self-defense and collapsed again for when you’re carrying or concealing it.

Another question to think about is can the baton be swiveled or locked into various positions and angles to accommodate the way you prefer to draw it?

This will make your movements much more fluid and you’ll be less likely to fumble or drop the baton in your haste. 

Ease of Use

In a moment of panic or fear, you won’t want to be fiddling with complicated self-defense gear giving your attacker a chance to overpower you.

Having something that is simple means that there is less to rely on to not go wrong, just strike your opponent and run. 

Collapsible batons are great because you can easily click a button to extend the baton which you’ll then be able to defend yourself with.

You’ll need to get one that’s of a good enough quality that it won’t jam or fail to extend when you press the button, or alternatively, some self-defense batons only require a flick of your wrist to release.

The majority of self-defense batons have a rubberized handle that improves your grip so the baton doesn’t slip out of your hand as you defend yourself, and this makes it easy to control the movements at all times.

Some models will also feature a wrist strap so there’s no chance of dropping the baton when you need it. 

Durability and Materials

A self-defense baton that’s going to fall apart in your hands when you try to use it will be of no use to you in a dangerous situation.

So you need to find one that’s made of sturdy, durable materials that can handle being used with a certain level of force.

Clubs and batons have been used throughout history by humans as a method of protection, but we’ve moved on from the old-fashioned wooden sticks of the past.

These days, plastic, rubber, and even metal are popular material choices for self-defense batons. Impact-resistant materials include steel or black polypropylene and these are highly durable. 

Rubber will have the softest impact if your main goal is to disarm your attacker, whereas wood or metal will obviously cause the most injury if you need to disable the threat in order to ensure your safety, and it will be the biggest deterrent to any potential assailant. 

Safety Hazards

We feel like this should go without saying, but remember that while self-defense batons are classed as a non-lethal means of force and are legal to carry in a lot of states, they can still be dangerous and could cause some serious harm to another person.

You should always try to get some basic training on how to use your self-defense baton, as it won’t just keep you safer if or when you come to use it, but also in the time between that when you want to avoid accidentally deploying it. 

It might sound obvious, but don’t go waving your baton around in the air, especially when there are other people nearby, as you might accidentally let go of it or catch someone which could cause accidental injury.

Knocks to the head can be lethal and with enough force behind it, you could easily break a bone. 

How Do You Use a Baton?

You can use your baton for self-defense in a number of ways, including blocking, striking, jabbing, and bludgeoning.

They can also be pretty useful when you’re performing an arm lock on an attacker, but as we said, it’s worth getting training on how to use your baton correctly. 

We highly advise checking your local laws and regulations regarding self-defense batons before purchasing one so you don’t accidentally end up buying something that’s considered illegal in your area.

You also have to be above the age of 18 to buy one in most instances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to carry a baton for self-defense?

This one will depend on your state so you’ll need to look into whether or not it’s legal to use a self-defense baton in the area you live in before you buy one.

You might even want to check with your local authorities that the one you’ve chosen is legal. 

What is the best legal weapon for self-defense?

There’s no real way to answer this question, as it will largely come down to personal preference and what you’re willing to spend on self-defense.

Some people feel more confident with guns where others may want a less lethal approach.

What type of baton do police use?

The majority of modern law enforcement and military officers carry ASP batons and the preferred style is extendable because of the many advantages it has over the fixed baton. 

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