9 Bushcraft Projects for Beginners

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Bushcraft is a genre of outdoor activity that typically focuses on living in the wild with only natural materials.

It is one of the most popular trends in outdoor culture today, and for a good reason! Bushcraft skills are useful both in wilderness survival situations and day-to-day life.

In this article, I will discuss nine bushcraft projects you can make to get started with your new hobby!

1. Fire Starter

One of the most basic bushcraft skills is starting a fire. A fire starter is an easy project that will help you get a flame going in any condition.

You can make a simple fire starter out of a few pieces of wood. You can use cotton balls or cotton pads soaked in Vaseline if you want to keep costs down.

If you have some flammable pieces of cloth on hand, you can also make a fire starter by simply wrapping the cloth around something dry and burnable (like paper).

2. Knife Handle

A knife is an essential tool for bushcraft. Unfortunately, not everyone has a “bushcraft knife” lying around the house.

You can make your own with just a few simple steps! All you need is a piece of wood, some cordage, and a knife that you don’t mind covering in tape.

I opted for a thicker handle to provide more stability during my projects, but you can go for a thinner handle to save supplies. It’s up to you!

3. Drinking Cup

When you think of bushcraft, drinking water might not be the first thing that comes to mind! However, it is an essential part of your outdoor activities.

You don’t want to get dehydrated and faint in the middle of nowhere, do you? A drinking cup is a simple project that will help you stay hydrated on your next bushcraft trip.

All you need is a piece of metal (I used an old can), some tape, and a knife. You can also use a small pot or pan if you have one handy.

4. Cordage

Cordage is an essential part of bushcraft. You need it for everything from making a knife handle to tying down your tarp.

It’s easy to make your own cordage out of some natural materials. All you need is some fibrous material (I used straw), a knife, and a fire.

You can also use a sharp rock to create cordage if you don’t have a knife or other tools. I would recommend practicing this project before using it in the wild!

5. Natural Shelter

A natural shelter is a must-have for any bushcraft trip. It can provide you with much-needed protection from the elements.

You can make a simple natural shelter from tree branches, leaves, and other natural materials.

You can also use your cordage to tie down a tarp or other material that will keep the rain away.

This project is quite easy, and I recommend practicing it before making one in a dangerous environment.

6. Campfire Grill

A campfire grill is a great way to cook your food while camping or bush crafting. It’s easy to make out of some sticks and stones.

You just have to find a sturdy base for your grill and then pile up the stones around it.

I like to use bigger stones because they make removing them from the grill easier. If you have a flat stone, this can also be used as a cooking surface.

7. Basic Spear

A spear can be very useful in some situations. If you plan on hunting a game, a spear is one of the best options.

It’s easy to make out of natural materials if you have strong, straight branches.

I would recommend using long sticks about arm’s length for easier handling in use. You can also sharpen your spears with rocks or sharp pieces of wood.

8. Bow

A bow can be a very useful tool in the right situation. It’s not the easiest thing to make, but it’s definitely doable with a bit of practice.

The best part is that you can use natural materials like saplings and vines to make your bow.

You just need to find a sturdy piece of wood for the frame and then use vines or other materials to attach the bowstring.

9. Trap

A trap can be a lifesaver in some situations. It’s important to know how to make them so you can catch a game or other food sources.

There are many different types of traps that you can make, but I will just focus on one simple trap here.

The snare trap is made out of a noose and a stick. The noose is made out of some sturdy cordage, and the stick holds it in place.

This trap can be used to catch small game like rabbits or squirrels.


Here are the nine bushcraft projects for beginners;

  1. Fire starter
  2. Knife handle
  3. Drinking cup
  4. Cordage
  5. Natural shelter
  6. Campfire grill
  7. Basic spear
  8. Bow
  9. Trap

Bushcraft is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature. It can also be a valuable skill for survival in dangerous situations.

While it may seem daunting at first, don’t let that stop you from giving it a try! Get out there and explore!