Bushcraft for Beginners: Where do I Start?

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Normally, bushcraft involves numerous sets of skills to survive outdoors. By outdoor, I mean in the grasslands, forest, or dessert.

If you are a beginner in bushcraft, then you should consider starting with shelter building, hunting for food or wild plants, and making fires.

In case you are a beginner, you will find bush crafting challenging, but you don’t have a chance but to practice skills that will help you develop knowledge and understanding to survive.

However, you should not worry since I will guide you through where to start if you are a beginner.

Bushcraft Skills

To become proficient in bushcraft, you have to develop the knowledge, understanding, and master some skills.

Most of these methods have been depicted on televisions, especially when soldiers go on a mission and don’t have comfortable houses.

If you are a beginner, then you should consider starting with;

Step 1: Shelter construction

In case you find yourself in a jungle, building a shelter should be the first thing. A shelter is important to shelter from hostile weather conditions, such as rain, wind, snow, and sun.

Furthermore, a shelter will keep you warm, safe and comfortable even if you are in a forest.

It is paramount to construct the shelter before nightfall while in a nigh fall.

While constructing the shelter for bushcraft, you must ensure waterproof and durable.

There are many designs to build a shelter while in bushcraft. However, you should consider the most accessible method that you know.

Step 2: Hunting for food

Getting the right nutrition while in bushcraft is compulsory, even though it can be challenging. While in the forest, there are wild plants and fruits such as berries.

Some wild plants are dangerous and should not be consumed. Hence, you must follow the right steps while foraging edible plants in the forest.

Of late, there have been publications of edible plants. Besides, advanced technology has enabled easy access to the internet, and thus you can refer.

Surviving in the bush is a skill, and you should master hunting and setting traps to get food. There are numerous traps to use while hunting in the bush.

Step 3: Fire craft

 To survive in any environment while in bushcraft, it is necessary to learn how to light the fire. You will need a campfire to cook and warm yourself up.

It is not a straightforward thing to light fire in the wood, and thus it requires some skills. Normally, lighting a fire can be challenging, especially in the cold and rainy seasons.

Hence, it is paramount to have other fire lighting techniques, especially if it’s the rainy season or if the ground is wet.

Step 4: Water Production

Carrying water while going for bushcraft will add the burden since it is heavy. However, it is paramount to learn how water can be produced while in bushcraft.

Certainly, you will go for bushcraft to spend the day under various activities such as mountain climbing which will definitely make you thirsty.

Hence, water will be a priority, and you cannot survive for long without it.

Water can be easy or difficult to collect depending on the environment you have decided to go into.

It is advisable that you should research the area to know the specific location to get water.

Upon getting the water, you should purify it to make it healthy for your health. It is best to always boil water before you drink.

In addition, you can consider carrying along with a water filter for purification purposes.

Step 5: Sleeping in the Woods

Even while in the bush, you will need some rest. It is best that you sleep in the shelter you have made.

In most cases, the shelters are small, and thus you will sleep on the ground or in a hammock.

It is advisable that you should prepare in advance with blankets, mats and a sleeping bag to make the experience in the woods memorable.

If you anticipate going in a region that rains often, you must raise your bed a little higher to prevent it from absorbing moisture.

Numerous skills are necessary to survive outdoors. Bush crafting for a beginner can be a difficult task.

Becoming proficient in bushcraft is not an easy task, and it requires you to gain knowledge, understanding the master the skills of a survivor in the bush.

However, it is paramount to consider following the steps below to begin;

  • Step 1: Shelter construction
  • Step 2: Hunting for food
  • Step 3: Fire craft
  • Step 4: Water production and purification
  • Step 5: sleeping in the woods