3 Best Eberlestock for Rucking

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Choosing the right rucking backpacks is vital to ensuring that you stay comfortable, avoiding injuries, and reducing the risk of your ruck gear blowing out.

But with hundreds of backpacks in the market claiming that they are designed for rucking, finding the right backpack can be a little tricky.

But lucky for you, I’ve made work easier for you by researching and finding the best Eberlestock bags for rucking.

I’ve decided to stick with the Eberlestock brand, one of the best hiking and rucking gears manufacturers.

Eberlestock Switchable Pack

What it can do

The Eberlestock Switchable Pack is one of the best-selling bags from the brand, and it is for a good reason. You can use it for several things, including hiking, carrying luggage, and rucking.

It is large enough to carry enough weight for rucking. It is designed in such a way that you can carry your laptop with it, and it will be well protected.

Key specifications

• Oversized pockets
• Available in three colors, blue, grey, and grey-blue.
• 25 mm MOLLE matrixes

Key features

• Rare-earth magnetic openings.
• Interior pockets
• Small-item organizers
• Space to protect a laptop, iPad, or other electronics
• EMOD compatible.

• It is a comfortable bag that you can use to carry pretty much anything that can fit in it. It is very comfortable even when you are carrying 30 pounds of weight.

• The side access zipper pockets ensure that you can access items such as snacks and gloves with ease whenever you want them.

• Plenty of main packet space, which means you can carry your ruck gear comfortably with it.

• It comes with dividers that help you know where to place what. For example, the space for placing a laptop or other electronics is well divided.

• You can use it as a fishing bag since it has lots of space and dividers that you can use to place your reel containers.

• Excellent quality material means your bag will last for the longest time.


• The flap is slightly heavy for some people.

• The water bottle holders are slightly smaller for some people’s liking.

If you are looking for a top-notch bag for rucking that will serve you for years, Eberlestock Switchable Pack is an excellent choice. It is moderately priced, and it is worth every penny.

Vapor 2500

What it can do

Vapor 2500 is the smallest of Eberlestock’s ultra-lightweight series of EMOD. It comes with a capacity of 2500 cubic inches, and it is quite versatile.

You can use it for hiking, rucking, and home use. It is a little a bit small compared to Vapor 5000 and 7500, but it is enough to carry your rucking gear.

Key specifications

• It weighs 1 pound and three ounces
• 21” X 11” X 11”
• Volume: 2500 cubic inches.
• Color: Military green

Key features

• Side open-top pockets
• Water-resistance coating
• YKZ zippers
• 500D Nylon Rip-Stop
• Removable buckles


• Great size and excellently made
• Great weight and super comfortable even for rucking
• Built with quality to last for the longest time.
• You can use it for more than rucking; you can use it for hunting.
• Relatively affordable for most people


• Too small for individuals wanting to carry large rucking gear
• The organization inside the pack is a bit wanting
• You have to carry it with the mainframe attached.

This bag is quite affordable, and it can be perfect for you. It is smaller than most Eberlestock backpacks, but it is worth it.

F7 Kite

What it can do

F7 Kite is slightly more expensive than most, but it is worth the price. Its capacity to weight ratio is immense, and you can use it for backpacking, rucking, hunting, and travel.

Key specifications

• 3000 cubic inches volume
• Weighs 4 pounds and 6 ounces
• 25” x 12 x 8: dimensions

Key features

• Waterproof zippers
• Constructed with Aramid fabric to make it lightweight and durable
• Full frontal zipper
• Roll Top design


• Durable and lightweight
• Comfortable for rucking
• Excellent for hiking and hunting


• It could use more organization pockets
• It is expensive than most rucking bags

While the bag is slightly more expensive than most, it is a perfect bag for rucking, hunting, backpacking, and hiking.

So, What’s the best Eberlestock for Rucking?

While there are tons of Eberlestock bags you can use for rucking, I would choose Eberlestock Switchable Pack if I had to choose one.

It is averagely priced, perfect for rucking, and you can use it for more. If you want the cheaper option, I recommend going for the Vapor 2500, although it is slightly smaller.

But for the high-end option, Kite F7 is a perfect choice.