3 Best Credit Card Folding Knife’s

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A credit card folding knife is a must-have tool, and thanks to the small size, you can comfortably carry it inside your pocket or wallet. It’s a practical alternative to a pocket knife and it’s also a perfect tool if you love camping, fishing, or hiking.

I own a couple of credit card folding knives and I have become well-oriented with such tools. In this blog, I will tell you all you need to learn about credit card folding knives and recommend the best ones out there.

The Best Credit Card Folding Knives

If you go out looking for a credit card folding knife you’ll be greeted by so many brands and each comes with its unique features. While there are so many brands out there, I can only rank a few of them as the best credit card folding knives.

Below are the top 3 best credit card folding knives that I would recommend everyone to get:

1. Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife

The Cable and Case Credit Card Tool is one of the most purchased small tools on Amazon. Customers including myself love this tool for various reasons.
For starters, the set includes a knife blade, a compass, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Imagine getting all that in one!

You can also access tweezers and a toothpick in the same set and what’s more impressive is the fact that it’s very light. I literally carry it around whenever I’m going out.

All the metal parts of this set are made out of durable stainless steel and that’s why it’s very light.

The Cable and Case Credit Card Tool is perfect whether you’re going out on a picnic, camping, or fishing.
I own this set and it serves so many purposes and it’s a great tool to have.


  • The knife’s edge is serrated and you can easily hold it between your fingers, thus having more control
  • The set comes with so many features such as the knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, and tweezers


  • It isn’t really a folding knife because you have to remove the knife from the card whenever you’re using it. It can also slip out of the card at any time, making it risky especially if you have kids around.

So you have to carry the card well either in a pocket or bag

2. Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

If you are looking to invest in a sharp, durable credit card folding knife, I recommend the Holtzman’s Credit Card knife. It’s a lightweight folding knife that fits into the credit card holder making it convenient to carry around.

You can carry the knife in your wallet, pocket, or bag. It comes with a blade that’s about 3 inches long and you can sharpen it at any time with the regular knife sharpener.

This was the second knife folding knife I owned and now it belongs to my wife. She specifically loves it because she can take it with her anywhere since it’s light and easy to carry.


  • The body of the knife is made of several layers of stainless steel giving it durability and enough strength.
  • The blade’s edge is very sharp and it can be easily sharpened whenever there’s need.


  • The knife is slow to open
  • Since it’s very sharp, you have to be extremely cautious when folding it back into the card slot

3. 18 in 1 Credit Card Tool

Looking for a tool to survive outdoors? Then the 18 in 1 Credit Card tool is what you need.

This folding knife is perfect for life outdoors or for your daily life. It has a serrated edge that comes with a fishing line cutter on the tip.
Mostly I carry this credit card knife whenever I’m going out fishing with my family.

It serves several roles making it a great option.
At the center of the blade, there is a hex tool that can tighten bolts of different sizes.

The credit card tool also has a magnesium fire starter and flint fire starter that can be used to light a fire for cooking or keeping warm.
It also comes with tweezers, a bottle opener, and an emergency whistle.


  • Since it comes with a blade sharpener, you can easily sharpen the knife


  • The card is a bit thick, so you can’t exactly fit it into your wallet. It’s also not made to last long especially through extensive use.

So, what’s the best Credit Card Folding Knife?

Credit card folding knives is a stealth way of increasing your survival skills. Out of all the products available in the market, the top 3 best credit card folding knives are:

  • Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife
  • Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife
  • 18 in 1 Credit Card Tool

But, if I had to choose one, I’d pick the Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife because it comes with many extra features and it’s lightweight.