What Knives Do Navy Seals Use?

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One of the essential equipment that Navy Seals need is a knife. The US Military authorizes and adopts the various type of knives that their personnel can use.

However, other branches of the US army special forces and the navy seal can use the knives they find ideal.

This means that there are no rules or special mandates regarding which type of knives they can use.

They are allowed to shop through different types and brands of knives in the market for their ideal choice.

What knives do navy seals use?

The navy seal knife of choice features the following elements;


the knife has to withstand a wide range of harsh elements without getting spoilt.

The knife needs to be made from the best types and most robust of materials. Most navy seals consider this element before any other factors.

For instance, a navy seal can use any knife, from combat to rescue and survival knives, as long as it can survive the most challenging conditions.


the best navy seal knife SOG should be highly functional.

Note that the knives are usually used for different applications.

For instance, there are combat knives, tactical knives, and rescue knives. The different knives are designed to meet various needs and purposes.

What types of knives to the navy seals carry ?

Below are some of the top types of knives used by navy seals;

Combat knives

These are perhaps the essential type of knife used in the military. While soldiers usually have several defence tools, like guns and numerous ammunition, they also need an excellent combat knife.

Every soldier has a combat knife among his essentials. Combat knives usually have sharp blades, which allow for effectiveness.

Tactical knives

The navy seal uses this type of knife for eliminating obstacles and creating paths when they are on the battlefield or going through shrubby areas.

They also use these knives to prepare means, cot wood in the jungle’s wilderness, and skin animals. In simple terms, these knives are used for all other purposes except fighting.

Boning knives

These knives are used for removing meat from bones. They are not mandatory for Navy Seals. However, they come in handy for various feeding purposes.

Top Navy Seal Knife Brands

In addition to the types of knives mentioned above, we also need to look at the most popular knife brands among navy seals. Below are some of the most popular brands of navy seal knives in the market;

SOG Seal

This brand is trendy because its products are very effective. SOG seal knives can be used as skull crushers, glass breakers, and hammers, in addition to the typical knife applications.

These elements speak to the strength of SOG seal knives. These knives are also popular because they are corrosion-resistant and highly durable. This means that they are ideal for use in the jungle.

Cold SteelSRK

Knives from this brand are typically sturdy and affordable. They can be used for a wide range of applications.

They also feature sliders for opening tins, cutting wood, and shrubs. This means that they can be used as different types of navy seal knives.

Additionally, these knives have comfortable handles, and they can tolerate the harsh conditions in the bush.


Knives by this brand are typically made of stainless steel. They feature 7-inch blades, and they are issued to the US special forces during their graduation ceremonies.

The Navy Seal can also apply them because of their durability and functionality.

ASEK survival knives

The US army has used these knives for almost two decades. They are lightweight, fitted with 1095s and have 5-inch blades.

These features make them excellent tools for the Navy Seal to use for self-defence.