How To Line A Wood Stove With Fire Brick

To get an efficient and airtight stove, you will need a lining of firebrick.

The firebrick will insulate the stove and ensure most of the heat is retained.

The bricks will also prevent the metal from coming into direct contact with fire.

That will minimize the degradation of the stove metal.

If you want to increase the longevity of your stove, you need fire bricks.

I will share with you a simple way of lining your wood stove with firebricks.

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Here are simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Clean the Stove

Before you start lining the firebrick inside the stove, you have to ensure it’s clean.

Get rid of all the ash and other wood debris.

If you are replacing worn-out bricks, use your hands to pull out the damaged bricks before you begin.

Ensure your workplace is clean and without any obstructions.

Firebricks are not easily destructible, so if you are replacing them, it means they have large cracks.

After removing the damaged bricks, clean the stove again.

Your new fire bricks should be readily available at this point.

Cleaning the stove will make your work easier. It also helps the bricks sit correctly in place.

Step 2: Put A Drop Cloth Around The Stove.

This stage is not necessary; most people line the bricks without a drop cloth.

But I would recommend it because it will help you after you are done.

The drop cloth will help you avoid making an extra mess that you will have to clean.

It’s just a precaution if you don’t want to create more work.

Once the stove is in place, find a place to sit in front of it before starting working.

Put on your working gloves. The bricks have abrasive surfaces that can hurt your hands.

Step 3: Line Your Bricks

Start placing your brings into the empty space inside the stove and push them in place.

Bricks will usually come in different dimensions.

You will have to fit them together like a puzzle. Be strategic on which ones you place first and where to start from.

But if you have the same-sized bricks, it won’t matter which one goes in first.

You can also start from any corner. They will end up fitting perfectly.

All you must do at this point is place them carefully to avoid breakage.

They also come in many different materials. There are even alternatives like sandstone and soapstone.

Go for bricks made of the same material and from the same manufacturer.

When you use different stones, they will wear out at different intervals.

Get the same bricks so that durability is the same, and no part of the stove will start losing heat before the rest.

If you have any small bricks, ensure they go in the middle of the stove. Put them between two long bricks on the floor of the stove.

When working on the stove’s floor, start from the front to back.

If there are any wobble bricks, ensure you secure them in place before you finish.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while lining the stove with bricks.

Adjust them until you are satisfied with your job.

Once all the bricks are in place, you can light your stove and test your work.

Essential Tips For Lining A Wood Stove With Fire Brick

Before replacing or lining the stove with fire bricks, give it time to cool after the last use.

Also, if you have respiratory issues, ensure you have eyeglasses and a mask when working with ash.

If you aren’t sure which kind of fire bricks your stove needs, consult the manufacturer.

If you haven’t lost the owner’s manual, you can check there.

Gather all your tools before you start working.

You will mostly need a wet-dry vacuum and a small wire brush for cleaning.

You also need a woodblock and rubber mallet.

When you gather everything at the beginning, you will take a short time doing the project.

If you haven’t used the wood stove for at least three days, you can wet-dry vacuum the stove directly.

Vacuuming the stove will speed up your cleaning process by a long shot.

Get rid of all the broken pieces of bricks because they will affect the lining process.

How to line a wood stove with fire brick

This is the simplest way to line your wood stove with fire brick.

Ensure you follow these three steps to the latter.

  1. Clean the stove
  2. Put a drop cloth around the stove
  3. Line your bricks

Step 3: line your bricks