How To Make Waterproof Matches

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Water resistant matches are a must-have item for people with a sense of adventure.

It is essential to add them to a survival pack for an emergency that normal matchsticks won’t salvage. Although they can be easily purchased in the local stores, you might consider saving some money by making DIY waterproof matches.

It is, however, important to ensure you take all the fire safety precautions before engaging in these activities.

Below are three easy procedures to make DIY water resistant matches:

Using Candle Wax

Melted candle wax is waterproof and can be made by easily melting your ordinary household candle.

Here’s a simple guide on how to make waterproof matches with a candle:

Step 1: Begin by making melted wax. The ideal and safest way is to place a lit candle on a small jar and let it melt slowly on its own.

Step 2: As the candle melts, dip the matchheads into the melted wax to build a thick coat. Ensure you coat the whole matchsticks.

Step 3: Let the wax dry before packing the matchsticks. This is to avoid having the matchsticks stick together. 

Step 4: When it’s time to use the waterproof matchsticks, pick off the matchhead’s wax and go ahead to striking.

Remember to use a newspaper to place the matchsticks before they dry. This is necessary to avoid waxing your surfaces during the process.

Using Nail Polish

Fingernail polish keeps away moisture from reaching the matchsticks. With this method, you do not need to pick off the matchhead before using it since the polish does not interfere with the striking.

Below is a simple process on how to make waterproof matches with nail polish:

Step 1: Open your nail polish container. Dip the matchsticks, one at a time. Twist the matchsticks to ensure they are coated all around. 

Step 2: Take the matchsticks out, holding each for a few seconds to dry the nail polish.

Step 3: To ensure the matchsticks dry properly, place them on a table covered with newspaper. The newspaper absorbs any moisture as well as protecting the surface from nail polish spill-offs. 

You might consider using quick-drying nail polish over regular nail polish to save on time used in this process. All in all, the process will take less than ten minutes. 

How To Make Waterproof Matches With Turpine

Turpentine is a fluid harvested from trees, commonly used for producing varnishes or waxing furniture.

Here’s an easy procedure of how to make water resistant with turpentine:

Step 1: Using a tablespoon, fetch turpentine and pour it into a wide container. You can use 3 to 4 tablespoons depending on how many matchsticks you want to coat.

Step 2: Place the matchsticks in the container. The matchhead should be first in. 

Step 3: Let the matchsticks sit in the turpentine for about 5 to 6 minutes. This will allow the matchsticks to absorb the turpentine for the best results.

Step 4: Remove the matches from the container and place them on a newspaper sheet to dry. Leave them for about 20 minutes to dry. 

This process will ensure your matches stay waterproof for at least three months. 

The above procedures on how to make water resistant matches are easy since the items used are available in a regular household.

You do not have to spend to get quality waterproof matchsticks.

Always ensure you take precautions when handling flammable materials for safety purposes.

Should you accidentally cause a fire when making these matchsticks, please follow the below fire safety precautions:

  • If the fire is small, you might attempt to put it out using your fire extinguisher.

  • If the fire progresses, pull the nearest fire alarm as you find your way out of the house or building.

  • Feel doors for heat before opening them to avoid burns.

  • Stay low on the ground to avoid inhaling too much smoke. 

  • Once you reach safety, call your contact person and inform them of the fire.

Never go back for personal items during a fire. Use the stairs and avoid elevators at all times.

Although chances of starting a fire during such a simple exercise are low, fire accidents can be fatal if not handled correctly.