5 Best Camping Saws (For Easily Cutting Firewood)

You're camping out in the wild and it starts to get cold so you realise it's time to build a fire but on inspection of your camping area you realise there's no suitably sized firewood around.

And good luck breaking it to size with your hands or even using a small knife, it'll be morning and you'll have froze to death before you've even completed the task.

So what's the solution? You need a small and portable camping saw (also known as a "folding saw" or a "backpacking saw").

So what is the best camping saw on the market?

I conclude that the choices below are the best foldable camping saws on the market...

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Featuring a 7.5-inch blade, and with 7 teeth per inch, the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is designed to make short work of cutting through even the toughest materials.

It’s so tough, in fact, that it can comfortably saw through dry wood, plastic, and bone. 

The entire blade has been treated with an anti-rust coating to help keep it in perfect condition even when you’re camping in the most extreme elements.

This special coating also has a low friction performance, allowing you to continue sawing smoothly without the blade catching. 

This camping saw’s innovative design allows you to fold the blade directly into the handle when it’s not in use.

This keeps the blade safe and prevents it from getting damaged while you hike to your destination.

It also reduces the size of the blade which makes it easier to store in your camping bag. 

A built-in safety lock holds the blade firmly in position while you’re sawing.

This safety lock is multipurpose too and keeps the blade locked in place when it’s folded inside the handle.

There’s also a leather strap that you can tie around your wrist to prevent the saw from falling if you were to accidentally drop it. 


  • Features a 7.5-inch blade with 7 teeth per inch which gives a lot of sawing power and makes you work less.

  • Can easily saw through a variety of materials including dry wood, plastic, and bone so you're unlikely to ever find yourself stuck with this.

  • The blade has an anti-rust coating to protect it and to ensure low-friction performance so you won't have to replace it any time soon.

  • Has a folding design that keeps the blade safe when not in use and reduces the overall size of the saw in storage, so no injuries. 

  • Also features a safety lock that prevents the saw from opening or closing accidentally and a leather strap for extra safety, this is crucial to stop you accidentally hurting yourself. 


  • The color of the handle can make it harder to spot if it were to be left on the ground outdoors.


With 3-sided razor teeth and a 10-inch long blade, the RazorTOOTH Folding Saw from Corona is your perfect camping companion. Capable of cutting through branches up to 6-inches in thickness, it will help you clear a path, source firewood, and more. 

The super durable, chrome-plated blade has been cleverly designed with a slight curve.

This allows it to get a better purchase and mold to the shape of logs and branches, cutting through them with less friction and in record time. 

Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed handle fits the natural contours of your hand and gives you a secure, comfortable grip throughout.

This means a reduced chance of hand or wrist strain, as well as a smaller risk of accidentally losing your grip on the saw.  

This camping saw also features a folding design, meaning that the blade folds directly back into the handle when it’s not in use.

This doesn’t only keep the blade protected, but reduces the size of the saw and makes it easier to store compactly with the rest of your camping gear. 


  • Features 3-sided razor teeth running along a 10-inch blade which means it's sharp and powerful for sawing through wood.

  • The chrome-plated blade is highly durable and features a curved design that makes it easier to quickly cut through branches saving you time.

  • Has an ergonomically designed handle that offers a comfortable, secure grip when in use so no hand blisters.

  • It’s folding-design allows the blade to folded back into the handle to keep it protected and stop you injuring yourself.

  • Comes complete with a lifetime warranty should you ever need it.


  • The handle is not curved in the same way as the blade, so the middle part of some teeth are left visible once the saw has been folded. However, the points of all the teeth are still concealed.


Sometimes you need a camping saw that can handle tough, thick logs.

This is where the Coghlans Folding Saw enters the game.

With a whopping 21-inch serrated blade, it’ll make super short work of cutting through even the toughest wood. 

It folds down compactly and weighs just 16 ounces making it a perfect camping saw companion.

The serrated blade is complemented by a rugged anodized aluminum frame that holds extra blades. 


  • The 21-inch blade features serrated blade making it perfect for sawing through thicker wood.

  • Super compact and weighs just 16 ounces making it light and compact to carry.

  • The serrated blade reduces friction and provide quick-sawing action to save time.

  • Can hold extra blades for faster cutting and more cutting power. 


  • The handle has not been ergonomically designed but is still comfortable to use.


Bigger isn’t necessarily always better, especially when you’re camping, and the HME Mini Folding Saw is here to prove that.

While its blade is only 5-inches in length, it features super sharp teeth that will make cutting through tough branches quick and easy.

The pistol-grip handle is specially designed to give you a secure hold on the saw even when you’re using it in wet weather.

It also helps to prevent it from accidentally slipping out of your hand when you’ve got a good momentum going!

Its size makes it the ideal choice for fitting neatly into any camping bag or hunting pack too.

The blade also folds directly into the handle to keep it protected when it’s not in use, and to minimize its size even more. 

This camping saw features an integrated safety lock that offers two functions.

The first of these is holding the blade in place when the saw is open, preventing it from accidentally closing on your hand and causing injury.

The second is to keep the blade locked inside the handle when it’s folded which prevents it from snapping open.


  • Has a 5-inch long blade with super sharp teeth that offer an aggressive cut on each stroke.

  • The blade folds directly into the handle to help keep it protected when it’s not in use.

  • Features a pistol-grip handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip at all times.

  • Also features an integrated safety lock that holds the blade in place when open, and prevents it from opening when it’s closed.

  • Its small size is perfect for taking on camping or hunting trips


  • While it’s more than capable of taking on small and medium-sized branches, it’s not the best choice for sawing through logs

Best Camping Saw Buying Guide

You never know what you’re going to be faced with when you head out into the wilderness, but keeping a folding camping saw in your bag is always a good idea.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you begin your search for one.

Below, we’ve listed some key points that you should consider when you’re shopping for a camping saw.

Giving a little thought to each of these will help guide you in the right direction and find the perfect camping saw the first time around. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first thing you need to consider is your camping saw’s blade. This isn’t as simple as you might think though.

Let’s break it down into several factors, starting with the size of the blade itself.

Generally speaking, the longer the blade is the more the saw will be able to handle.

So, if you usually find yourself negotiating with large, thick branches then a camping saw with a blade somewhere between 9.5 - 15-inches would be a good choice.

This is also a good size blade for sawing through any hefty logs you want to add to your campfire. 

With that being said, a longer blade isn’t going to be suitable for smaller or thinner logs or branches and will likely snag on the wood as you try to build up momentum.

This is where a smaller camping saw with a blade of around 5-inches would be your best choice. 

You can, of course, have a mixture of sizes and this is a good idea if you’re headed to a camping spot you’ve not visited before.

Keeping a long-bladed saw and short-bladed saw in your camping gear will cover you for every eventuality. 

Take a quick look at how many teeth have been allocated per inch of the blade too. The more the better here, as more teeth mean quicker sawing and smoother cuts. 

Go For A Folding Saw Blade

The most suitable camping saw is one with a folding blade because you can fold it away for easier transportation and safety when walking to your camping spot.

With a folding saw there's no risk of it cutting you or your damaging your gear when in storage by accident, where as a regular blade could be a hazard.


The material your camping saw is made from will have an impact on how strong it is, so it’s an important thing to look into.

For ultimate durability, we’d recommend going for a camping saw constructed from carbon steel.

This will mean it’s not only super tough but will be lightweight at the same time, allowing you to saw comfortably without feeling weighed down by it. 

Any additional treatments that have been added to the blade’s material to enhance its durability and performance are always worth looking into as well.

These include chrome-plating, anti-rust coatings, and special Impulse Hardening Technology™.


While your camping saw needs to be sharp and powerful, it also needs to be comfortable to operate.

This will come down to the design and materials used in the construction of the handle. 

Any camping saw that features an ergonomic handle will be among the most comfortable available.

This type of handle-design will follow the natural contours of your hand and help to prevent any strains or injuries occurring during use.

Pistol-grip handles are also a good thing to look out for and, although not all are ergonomically designed, they will provide you with a comfortable grip through the use of a textured, cushioned material. 

The handle of your camping saw isn’t all about comfort though.

Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when you’re handling a camping saw, and some handles have been designed with this in mind. 

Again, an ergonomic or pistol-grip handle is the best choice here as they will offer you a secure grip on the saw while you push and pull the blade. 

Safety Features

On the subject of safety, it’s always a good idea to look at what extra safety features your potential camping saw offers you too.

There are a few clever designs available to you here, and the most common is the folding design.

This works by using the handle as a scabbard and housing the blade inside it with no sharp points accessible.

This is ideal for camping trips with children, where tiny inquisitive fingers might find themselves getting into trouble. 

A folding camping saw also helps to keep the blade protected from the elements when it’s not in use.

So, if you find yourself caught in a sudden downpour, there’s no need to worry about the blade getting wet.

Conversely, it also keeps the rest of your camping equipment safe from the blade.  

Some folding camping saws also include integrated safety locks. These usually serve two different purposes.

The first is to keep the blade safely locked inside the handle when it’s not in use, preventing it from suddenly snapping open or being easily accessed.

The second is to keep the blade locked in place when the saw is in use.

This prevents the hinge from closing the blade on your hand if you were to apply too much force when sawing. 


It might not seem like something that’s overly important. However, the color of your camping saw is an important thing to consider.

Allow us to explain why.

Imagine you’re sawing through some logs to throw on your campfire and, as you add them to the ever-growing pile, you place your camping saw on the ground.

You pick up another log to start sawing, but you can’t find your saw. So, where has it gone?

It could potentially be camouflaged among the fallen leaves or vegetation.

And, because it has a black or green handle, it’s now virtually impossible to spot. 

To prevent this from happening, look for a camping saw that has a brightly colored handle.

There are loads available to choose from but yellows, oranges, and reds are your best bet as they are much easier to spot in natural environments. 

Best Folding Saws / Best Camping Saw FAQs

What is a camping saw?

A camping saw is an essential piece of kit for any avid camping enthusiast. It’s perfect for helping you clear a path or source firewood.

It’s especially useful in survival situations. Most camping saws are foldable for safety and easier transportation.

A camping saw will usually have a folding design that keeps the blade protected and decreases its size, making it perfect for carrying between campsites with ease. 

What's the difference between a camping saw and a folding saw and a backpacking saw?

These are typically the same item just with slightly different names depending on who's using them and what for. 

A camping saw and a backpacking saw will almost always be a foldable saw because it's easier to transport and safer.

What’s the difference between a camping saw and a pruning saw?

There isn’t much difference between a camping saw and a pruning saw in their design.

Both are ideal for cutting through various sizes of wood, they are simply just given different names depending on the task you’re using them for. 

Best of luck finding the best camping saw.