5 Best Felling Axes To Quickly And Easily Chop Down Trees

Wondering what's the best felling axe for chopping wood and felling trees? Because remember...

If you find yourself face to face in the wild with a tree that needs to be cleared it's unlikely you'll be able to power up a chainsaw let alone have one handy.

Yet a felling axe is small enough to transport from place to place without weighing you down and yet powerful enough to make short work of blasting through thick logs and chopping firewood.

I came to the conclusion that the best felling axe is my top pick below...

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Perfect for tree felling, log cutting, and a variety of other uses, the 27” Composite Multi-Purpose Axe from Husqvarna is the perfect tool for anybody looking to clear wood.

But what makes it such a powerful piece of equipment?

The answer lies in the fibre-reinforced PA shaft.

This helps to take the impact shock out of chopping through thick, tough wood and adds to the axe’s robust durability.

The construction of the shaft also gives the axe a better weight distribution performance, meaning that each swing is as powerful as the last. 

It features a drop-forged blade that has been designed to geometrically adapt across a variety of uses.

This means you’ll be able to create an easy entry point with minimal effort and helps you get a better strike at the same point with each swing. 

This multipurpose axe also features a hammer function that can be used for driving in wedges without having to switch tools.

With no assembly required, it’s ready to use straight out of the box and comes with a 12-month warranty. 


  • A multipurpose axe that is ideal for felling, log cutting, and a variety of other tasks.

  • Has a fibre-reinforced PA shaft that removes impact shock and ensures durability.

  • The drop-forged blade is designed to adapt to different uses and helps to create easy entry points.

  • Has a hammer function that is perfect for driving in wedges.

  • Comes fully assembled and includes a 12-month warranty



Featuring a  European-style 4-inch blade and a 4.5-inch cutting edge that is ideal for felling trees, the Trail Boss Axe from Cold Steel takes a powerful bite out of anything it comes into contact with.

The blade is also constructed from drop-forged carbon steel for ultimate durability. 

The straight-grained, American hickory handle gives it a classic appearance but it’s not all about looks.

This handle has been designed with performance in mind and is sturdy, durable, and takes a lot of shock out of impact. 

It is a great choice for anybody that needs to carry an axe on them throughout the day and, while being highly durable, is lightweight and compact.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity too, and it doesn’t need any extra features to tackle tough wood.

This axe has undergone rigorous testing as well, namely in the Australian Outback, where it gave excellent results in tree felling, clearing paths, and chopping wood. Comes complete with a 6-month warranty.


  • Has a European-style 4-inch blade with a 4.5-inch cutting edge meaning it's sharp and fit for purpose.

  • The blade is constructed from drop-forged steel for superb durability.

  • Features a sturdy handle made from straight-grained, American hickory so it won't fall out your hands or make you lose grip easily.

  • Is lightweight and compact without compromising performance meaning it's easy to life and use.

  • Comes complete with a 6-month warranty should you have any issues.


  • Doesn’t feature a hammer edge so can’t be used for driving in wedges.


If you need a tool that will help you fell trees quickly and easily, the Fiskar’s 14" Hatchet could be exactly what you need.

The geometric blade and ultra-sharp edge make creating an entry point easier than ever and it bites deeply on each swing, helping to bring a tree down in record time. 

The blade also features a low-friction coating that helps prevent it from getting stuck and gives you the power to keep on swinging.

Meanwhile, the DuraFrame™ handle absorbs the impact shock yet remains lightweight enough to use comfortably even for prolonged periods.

This axe has perfect weight distribution too, keeping the swing evenly powerful and reducing the risk of muscle fatigue during use.

You won’t need to worry about the head separating from the handle either thanks to the inseparable PermaHead™ moulded insert.

This prevents overstrike and, ultimately, breakage.

An included blade guard allows you to rest assured that the blade will remain protected when you’re not using the axe as well.

This also makes it perfect for camping trips and carrying around all day.

The quality and performance of this highly powerful axe are backed up by a lifetime warranty. 


  • Features a geometric blade and ultra-sharp edge that makes tree felling quick and easy.

  • Also features a low-friction coating that reduces the risk of the blade getting stuck.

  • The DuraFrame™ handle is super hardwearing and absorbs impact shock saving you from damaging your hands.

  • Has an inseparable PermaHead™ insert that prevents the blade from breaking free of the handle which means you won't injure yourself by accident or get the blade stuck in a tree.

  • Includes a blade guard and a lifetime warranty should any faults arise


  • Although the handle is highly durable, it doesn’t offer much grip so might be harder to use in wet conditions.


“Heavy-duty” would be the choice we’d go for if we were asked to sum up the Estwing Double-Bit Axe using just one phrase.

Drop forged from one single piece of American steel, there are no joints to worry about breaking or having to tighten up.

Meanwhile, it’s hand-sharpened, polished double blades provide superior cutting performance. 

The handle is specially designed to reduce impact shock by up to 70% while remaining comfortable to use.

It also features a shock-reduction grip that offers you a secure grasp on the axe during use and further prevents any impact shock transferring to your body.

Made in the USA, this double-bit axe measures just 17-inches in length.

But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in power.

It’s perfectly weighted and balanced for a powerful strike on every swing.

You’ve got the choice of three color options too and, while that doesn’t have much of an impact on performance, it’s nice to inject a little personality wherever you can!

It also comes with a sheath that fits perfectly the shape of the axe-head and helps to keep the blades well protected when they aren’t in use.

This, matched with its size, makes it perfect for camping and hiking, and it will also keep the blades dry if you’re caught in a sudden downpour. 


  • A heavy-duty double-bit axe that is drop forged from a single piece of American steel.

  • The blades are hand-sharpened and polished for a superior cutting performance meaning it's super sharp and cuts much easier than standard axes.

  • Features a specially designed handle that absorbs 70% of impact shock which stops damage to your hands and arms.

  • Also features a grip design that helps you keep a firm, secure hold on the axe so you won't drop it.

  • Includes a sheath that keeps the blades protected when the axe isn’t in use to protect from rust. 


  •  Some people that purchased this axe noted that the metal scratched quite easily. This didn't, however, affect the performance.


Strong, powerful, and ideal for tree felling, the GEDORE Multi-Purpose Forestry Axe features a Rotand-Plus™ bond that unites the handle and the axehead as one unit.

This means there is no risk of it loosening over time, giving you years of unrivalled performance. 

There’s a safety aspect to the design of this axe too. By keeping everything securely held together in one piece, there is no risk of the axehead flying off and causing potentially fatal damage during use.

And, when the axe isn’t in use, the blade can be kept protected by the included guard. 

It also features a steel handle sleeve that protects the high-quality, hickory handle and prevents it from getting damaged if you were to accidentally miss your target.

This adds to the axe’s overall durability even more and allows you to keep swinging confidently. 

The blade is constructed from carbon steel and has a super-sharp, polished cutting edge.

This gives you the ability to create a clean impact point and chop through even the toughest of wood with power and precision. 


  • Constructed using a Rotand-Plus™ bond that keeps the axehead and handle securely united so the axe doesn't get stuck in trees when chopping.

  • Features a high-quality, hickory handle that is durable and comfortable to use to avoid blistering your hands.

  • Also features a steel handle sleeve that protects the handle from damage if you were to miss your target.

  • The carbon steel blade has a super-sharp cutting edge for making easy impact points.

  • Comes with a blade guard to keep the blades in good condition when the axe isn’t in use,


  • The handle doesn’t offer you any extra grip, so you’ll need to be super careful when using this axe or you could hurt yourself.

Best Felling Axe Buying Guide

Finding the best felling axe isn’t as easy as you might think.

Trees are strong, and it takes a lot of strength and effort to bring one down. Which is why it’s important to make sure you’ve got an axe that’s up to the job!

So, before you dive straight in and choose the first axe you come across, take a moment to look at some of the points we’ve listed below.

Giving a little thought to these will help you find the best felling axe for your individual needs the first time around.


The length of an axe is measured from the bottom of the handle right to the top of the ax head.

For felling, axes of around 27-inches are the best length to go for, but this can depend on the size of the tree you’re attempting to take down. 

Generally speaking, the larger the tree is the longer the axe should be.

This is because you’ll need to be able to get a good, consistent rally of swings going.

Slowly chipping away at a huge tree with a tiny axe will take you a very long time!

You’ll also need to think about the situation you’ll be using your axe in when considering the length.

If you’re heading into the great outdoors and will be hiking between campsites, perhaps a smaller axe that’s lighter in weight will be easier to manage.

If you’re planning on using it to fell some trees in your garden, however, your axe won’t need to be as portable. 


The blade is arguably the most important part of your axe, so special attention should be paid to this when you begin shopping around for your axe of choice.

The first thing to do is to look at the material that’s been used in the blade’s construction.

Carbon steel and drop-forged steel are by far the most powerful materials used for making axe blades.

They are naturally strong and therefore won’t easily break when they make contact with wood, even if it’s particularly thick.

Your axe’s blade should also have a sharpened edge. This will make creating an entry point easy and gives you somewhere to aim for on each strike.

Again, both carbon steel and drop-forged steel are the best options here. They can also be sharpened time and time again, giving you years of use from your axe.


Next, take some time to look at the handle of your axe. There are a couple of things to look out for here, starting with the material.

Wooden handles, such as hickory, are naturally strong. They also give your axe an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

However, some materials can provide a more durable performance than wood. Metals are much less likely to break on impact and are also better at absorbing some of the impact shock.

This means that there is a reduced chance of muscle fatigue or injury developing during and after use. 

It’s a good idea to see if your axe’s handle offers any extra grip as well. This can be through a special design or the integration of rubber layers.

The more grip you have on your axe, the safer it will be to use. It will also be more comfortable, which means you’ll be able to get the job done in record time. 


Axes are generally made from two main components - the axehead and the handle. The way these are joined together to build the axe as a whole will have an impact on its durability and performance. 

We would recommend choosing an axe that has either been built from one single piece of material or that features special joining technology to create the strongest bond possible. 

Rotand-Plus™ and PermaHead™ are among the best to look out for here, and create a connection between the ax head and handle that makes them virtually inseparable from each other. 

Extra Features

No matter what you’re buying, it’s always worth taking a look at what else you can get for your money.

Axes are no exception to this rule, and there is a selection of extra features to look out for that will give you even more bang for your buck.

One of the most common extra features is blade guards. They are more of an accessory really, but they are worth looking out for all the same.

Designed to be placed over the blades when the axe isn’t in use, a blade guard will keep the axehead clean and protected. This is a particularly useful feature if you’re taking your blade out into the wilderness. 

Some axes feature steel handle sleeves located just below the axehead. This is in place to keep the handle protected by absorbing the shock if you were to accidentally miss your target when you swing.

So, instead of a tree branch smashing through the axe’s handle, it’ll ricochet off the sleeve. 

Blades with low-friction coatings are another fantastic extra feature to keep an eye out for.

This will prevent the blade from getting stuck when it strikes the wood and allows you to keep swinging with a good rally. 


You might also want to give some thought to what else you can use your axe for. Felling is clearly at the top of your list.

But, once you’ve cleared your trees, do you want to be left with an axe that you don’t need any more?

Look for a multi-purpose axe that isn’t only good for felling trees, but can also be used for a variety of other tasks.

These can include clearing paths or chopping firewood. In some cases you can even use an axe as a demolition tool, removing old sheds with minimal effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a tree felling axe?

This depends on the size of the tree you’re looking to clear.

A larger tree will require a larger axe, while small sapling can be taken down with a smaller axe.

As a general rule, most tree felling can be done quite efficiently with an axe around 27-inches in length.

I hope this post has helped you pick the best felling axe for your needs.