The 3 Best Camping Towels

Often forgotten about – a camping towel is essential to survival life.

It can make the difference between a fun trip or a miserable experience (who likes putting wet feet into socks?).

I know it may seem like a silly thing, but trust me, when you’re cold and miserable and the world has gone to hell, any little thing becomes a great comfort. Even a good towel.

There are numerous camping towels out there that I have found useful in the past, but to narrow down my 3 top camping towels

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1. Eono Microfibre Towel

There’s a reason why this towel continues to be the bestseller on Amazon – it’s super absorbent and lightweight even when wet, so you won’t be dragging a sopping wet deadweight all day!

I’ve had horrible experiences with those before, just ask my wife….

It also comes with a good combat case, so you won’t be struggling to stuff it into your backpack – which is the last thing you need to worry about in an emergency.

2. HAIMEEC Camping Towel

Another fast-drying contender – this towel stands out by being good for those with sensitive skin.

No more rough towels that make your skin act up, this one is made from suede so is extremely soft on your skin.

So this is a great option for my kids especially, since cotton towels often hurt them.

It’s also useful because the edges are wrapped, meaning the thread is less likely to fray easily (I’ve learnt from past mistakes not to let my kids near any lose threads – they’ll just keep pulling and pulling until nothing’s left).

3. 4Monster Towel

Say goodbye to chemicals – this towel is made with natural plant dyes and with 100% sterilised fabric.

It’s important to try to be eco-friendly when you can when outdoors, though understandably it’s not everyone’s priority in an emergency. But for camping, it’s a good option.

The 4Monster towel also shines with its colourful floral patterns – it definitely has the most interesting and fun design of the three.

It’s a favourite amongst the wife when we want to take a break from the serious side of prepping.

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So What’s The Best Camping Towel?

So, what is the best camping towel?

Here’s my top 3 picks for best camping towel…

  1. Eono Microfibre Towel
  2. HAIMEEC Camping Towel
  3. 4Monster Towel

Having good experience with all 3 towels, if I had to pick just 1, it would be the Eono Microfibre Towel and here’s why…

The towel is the lightest, most absorbent and has a huge variety of colours to choose from.

It also comes with the smallest case so it won’t take up too much space in your backpack.

Prepping is about survival and that often means not trying to stand out, so the 4Monster Towel isn’t the best for that (though like I said before, it’s good when you just want to relax or have a leisure camping trip).

Whilst the HAIMEEC towel was a close contender, it didn’t come in as many colours.

Its mesh casing also wasn’t the best, with the liability of not protecting the towel if something spilt near it.

Therefore, the Eono towel won out. Its case is solid and won’t let anything spill into it (the last thing you want in an emergency is a wet towel, trust me).

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