3 Best Campfire Starter

As an experienced camper, I have discovered that knowing multiple ways to start a fire is always necessary.

One must have sufficient skills that will enable you to survive and get a fire going, especially on those cold nights.

DIY Firestarters give rare guarantees that your fire will get started without much struggling, although they are inexpensive and are easy to operate.

Firestarters substantially reduce stress and worry when starting a fire.

They come in handy, especially when you just got off the trail, and you do not want to spend a long time trying to get a spark of fire.

Therefore, this post will review three of the best campfire starters available in today’s market, they include:

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1. Swiss safe Fire Starter

Swiff safe is a company that has been in existence for some time now.

They are trusted leaders in providing quality outdoor supplies, which are essential for a camping trip.

They also have quality control practices that are put in place to ensure that you get the best possible quality from all their products.

Their firestarter has the following features:

• An inbuilt compass- you can easily navigate through the woods
• An emergency whistle- use this for communication
• A scraper/striker
• A 16000 strike magnesium rod
• 450lb 8-Core Paracord

• It is wind/water/cold resistant
• It can last upto 16000 strikes
• It comes with a detailed user guide on how to start a fire
• High-quality

• It is a bit pricey
I chose to include this item on my list because it is of high quality and is guaranteed to satisfy any user.

2. TruLite Premium Fire Starters

The TruLite fire starters are made in the USA, and it is a trusted brand recognized by many campers.

It is made from renewable, recycled wood and paper chips which are compressed in food-grade wax.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your fire will get started quickly with minimal effort.

The firestarter sticks are also easy to light up and can work in nearly any type of weather.

That is not all; no kindling is required; therefore, cleaning up is much simpler.

• The rods are 5 inches long
• Made from paper and wood chips which were compressed by wax
• Each bulk box has 20 fire starter sticks

• 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• The product is all-natural
• The fire is smokeless and odourless
• The firestarters are portable and versatile

• It does not guarantee complete value for money as per the customer ratings

3. Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Fire Starters

The pine mountain fire starters are designed to fit various areas of application.

They can ignite both charcoal and firewood with ease.

They are well wrapped for clean handling and easy transportation.


A wrapper that ignites the fire starters, and they are all made from pine.

• Clean and green- these firestarters produce 80% less carbon monoxide and 75% less particulate matter
• High quality
• Portable and versatile
• Quick and easy to use

• According to the customer rating on Amazon, it does not provide clients with value for their money.

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  • Unlike the usual fire starters squares, fire starter cubes, or lightening...
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So What’s The Best Campfire Starters

The 3 best campfire starters are…

  1. Swiss Safe fire starter
  2. Pine Mountain Fire Starter
  3. TruLite Premium Fire Starter.

Each of these items is safe for use and will give you a unique experience.

However, if I were to pick only one to purchase, it would be the Pine Mountain fire starters.

That is because they are environmentally friendly as they burn greener and cleaner.

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